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How well do you know some of the composers behind the pieces of music in Fantasia?

I know my knowledge is a little limited, but I’m hoping with this post that it might grow a bit.

The one particular composer I want to throw under my Disney spotlight is Tchaikovsky, mainly because his music has provided Disney with a lot of inspiration which has then given him a greater long-lasting legacy – the Nutcracker ballet and also his Sleeping Beauty ballet.

Fun Fact – Sleeping Beauty has become a hotly-contested trademark issue for Disney. They are still awaiting the verdict for their patent application on the name ‘Princess Aurora’ as it is also the name of the protagonist in the original ballet.

Anyway, back to Tchaikovsky…

– He was a Russian composer born in Kamsko-Votkinsk in 1840.

– Before becoming a musician, he trained as a civil servant. He began at 19 and within six months became a junior assistant and a senior assistant two months after that.

– When a musical education became apparent, he entered the Saint Petersburg Conservatory and graduated from there in 1856.

– His works were performed frequently, with a couple of delays between their composition and first performances. From 1867 onwards, the publication of his songs and piano music for the home market helped to boost his popularity.

– To support his early musical career, he often took work as a music critic. Among the targets of his critical ire were the composers Schumann and Brahms.

– Besides The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty Ballets, he is well known for his Romeo and Juliet Ballet, 1812 Concerto, Swan Lake, and the First Piano Concerto in 1875, the latter establishing him as Russia’s leading composer.

– His death in 1893 is shrouded in mystery. It is mainly attributed to cholera, but some suspect it could have been accidental or even self-inflicted.

I think out of all the composers in Fantasia, it is his music I have heard and listened to the most. I often catch some of his music when listening to Classic FM, but I have to admit that it is his music for Sleeping Beauty that is my personal favourite.

I’ll leave a segment of the Sleeping Beauty Ballet down below and even if you don’t listen to classical music, but are Disney music fans, I can guarantee you will recognise this piece.

That is all I’ve got for today, so thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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