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July Wrap Up


The time has come around again to do the monthly wrap up.

I swear every month seems to pass faster than the one before because it didn’t seem that long ago since I did my June Wrap Up.


July has been quite good in terms of my reading. I managed to get through ten books and that is with a couple of little blips (aka DNFs). There are no audiobooks but I did listen to a few chapters of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor the other night when I couldn’t sleep.

Before I get to the main books, the two DNFs were:

Once I started reading these, I no longer felt in the mood to do so. I really wanted to read more of On The Other Side but DNFing it was one of the best reading choices I made this month.

Moving onto the books I did actually read, and there is a mix of genres which I quite liked. I needed the mix as it helped to stop me falling into a reading slump.

The Surgeon, Tess Gerritsen – 5/5
The Apprentice, Tess Gerritsen – 5/5
The Sinner, Tess Gerritsen – 4/5
A few weeks ago I started rewatching the Rizzoli and Isles TV programme (one of my favourite crime shows) and it spurred me to re-read the books, which I haven’t read for a couple of years. Also, the 12th book in the series (I Know A Secret) comes out in 11 days and I cannot wait! I love Tess Gerritsen’s writing style and she has this amazing knack for getting me sucked into her storytelling and varying crimes. She is one of my favourite medical/crime thriller writers and none of her books can disappoint me. My joint review for The Surgeon and Apprentice will hopefully be up within the next week or so!

Because You Love To Hate Me, edited by Ameriie – 4/5
This was a good anthology although I found the quality of stories mixed. However, my favourite tales were Death Knell by VE Schwab, Marigold by Samantha Shannon, Jack by Ameriie, and Indigo and Shade by April Genevieve Tucholke

The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas – 4.5/5
If there is one current YA Contemporary I feel will become a classic, it is this. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, it is a story full of incredible strength and power. It also has amazing family relationships that helped to bring some lighter moments to the story.

Rebel of the Sands, Alwyn Hamilton – 4/5
It has taken a couple of years for me to read this book and now I’ve finally read it, I love it! It was a little predictable but the story was highly enjoyable and I can’t wait to get into Traitor of the Throne. On the subject of this book and series, the cover for Hero of the Fall was released today at YALC and it is amazing!!!

Sawbones, Catherine Johnson – 3/5
I liked the story and the medical insights but I didn’t feel compelled enough by the characters. I expected more from this book so I am a little disappointed by it.

A Conjuring of Light, VE Schwab – 5/5
The review for this will be up tomorrow but I absolutely loved it! It is one of my favourite fantasies that I’ve read all year and it made for a great finale.

Journey’s End, R.C.Sheriff – 4/5
A very powerful read and one that won’t leave me anytime soon. To me, the shortness of this play is indicative of how short a life some soldiers had on the WWI front line. There’s not much plot, but it is very character driven and the emotions you feel are real. To read this before the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele just brings all of it home to me and I feel very appreciative of those men who risked their lives to help make the world a better place.

And I Darken, Kiersten White – 4/5
This is my most recent read and it surprised me a lot. I knew a lot of people liked it but I didn’t realise that I’d eventually become one of them. Lada as a no-nonsense female protagonist is brilliant to follow, and I have a found a new all-time favourite male character in Radu. I love him!

As well as reading books, I also bought a few books this month.

Physical Books:

Although as Murdoch Mysteries is the newest purchase I have made, I won’t receive it for a few days.


I get the feeling though that I’ll end up purchasing Now I Rise, and Flesh and Blood in their physical format too.

With only two physical books – not including Daughter of the Burning City that came in my FairyLoot box or the pre-order of Because You Love To Hate Me – I’ve done well in limiting the number of books I buy.

And that is that.

What has your month been like?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

10 thoughts on “July Wrap Up”

  1. Wow, great job, Emma! Two bad about the DNFs, though. I don’t really know how many books I’ve read this month but they were definitely much fewer hahaha
    I hope you enjoy Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I really loved it until about the last quarter, at which point it I became a bit divided. But I still found it a wonderful read!
    For now, I really want to get Because You Love to Hate Me, Rebel of the Sands and And I Darken. I’m currently listening to the A Gathering of Shadows audiobook and really enjoying it so far. I can’t wait to finish the trilogy but at the same time, not at all because I don’t want it to be over T_T Will be looking forward to read your review of ACOL tomorrow!
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read the entire Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy last year and loved it. I should have said that the audiobook was a re-read, so that was a little remiss of me. Oops.

      Glad you are enjoying ACOL.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I ended up reading THUG in one evening. It was one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading, no matter what was happening around me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a really good month!!
    I really liked And I Darken and I am reading Now I Rise and so far it’s really good! I hope you enjoy it too!
    I really liked Rebel of the Sands and Traitor to the Throne! They are a bit different from each other but I really liked that!
    I have yet to read A Conjuring of Light although I own it >.< I really want to, but I haven't found time yet… I heard great things about it and you loved it so I am pretty sure I will too!
    I am also really excited to see what you think about The Asylum (I reeeeallly like the cover!)
    I had never heard of any Rizzoli and Isles book :O I may actually try to get one and see because I really liked the TV show!
    Have an amazing August!

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    1. I think I might get to Now I Rise towards the end of the month, or something like that. Same with Traitor to the Throne. I was also struggling to find the right time to read ACOL too. When I first wanted to read it, I didn’t have the time for a book that chunky so I just kept putting it off. I’m glad I’ve finally read it though, even if it took me a long time.

      I thought the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls was okay as it wasn’t as creepy and harrowing as I was expecting it to be. There are some ‘yikes’ moments but I thought it would have been more than that. Most of it, I skim read. I would have stopped reading it but I was curious as to what would happen at the end.

      I really like the Rizzoli and Isles tv show too, and I picked up one of the books just after I first started watching the show. The books and the show are two completely separate entities though because they are really different from each other. If you do pick up one of the books, I’d recommend starting from the beginning with The Surgeon and The Apprentice, especially since they’re the ones that kick started the show. At first you kind of have to read them in order anyway because whilst the crimes are different, there are over-arching character details that develop over the course of the books. Or if you just want to get into Tess Gerritsen’s writing as a whole, she has some really good standalones – Playing by Fire is probably one of my favourites.

      Hope you have a good August too.


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