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My Thoughts on Disneybounding

Disneybounding, the term used to describe park visitors dressing like certain characters within the limits of everyday fashion.

Popular with teenagers and adults, it is a great way of expressing one’s love for a particular character whilst remaining subtle and fashionable.

I see and hear a lot of people Disneybounding and whilst it does look fun, it is something that I don’t think I would personally go out of my way to do.

When I get the chance to visit a Disney park (mainly DLP) I’m more into the attractions I want to experience, the shows I want to see, where I might get a bite to eat, and planning outfits never comes into it. I think it is a bit of a faff, and I think it would stress me out to the point that I’d end up hating what I’m wearing. Also I tend to visit in the height of summer when it’s really warm, and I’d rather wear something I know is going to keep me comfortable for my entire stay.

My way of showing how much love I have for a particular character is by wearing a character top. I have quite a few with Mickey Mouse, and now Alice and Belle that I picked up from the Disney Store last year.

Image result for alice t-shirt disney storeImage result for belle t-shirt disney store

Who knows, one day I might change my mind and jump on the Disneybounding bandwagon. However, for now, I’m perfectly okay with watching this phenomenon from afar.

I know I’m probably the odd one out, but what is your stance on Disneybounding?
Is it something that you do?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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