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When we decide to start a blog, we all wonder how many people will read and like what we post. We wonder what will happen when it starts to grow.

If truth be told, numbers and statistics were not one of the influencing factors behind the making of this blog and even now I’m not so bothered if those numbers increase or decrease. The way I look at it is that if I have reached only one person, then it is better than reaching no one at all because that one person can still share what you have written. Yes it is nice to discover and know that ten, twenty people are reading what you have to say but I find that the smaller numbers are just as good.

Saying that however, I’m rambling on like this because I recently realised that this small book blog has hit the 100 followers mark.

I’m not going to jump up and down, scream until I run out of breath, that kind of thing, but I do just want to say:

Thank You.png

This blogging community is amazing, everyone supports each other, and that is what keeps me writing about the books and fictional worlds that I love.

Again, Thank You!

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