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Book Journaling.


As a book lover and blogger, I have become a fan of keeping a book journal – mainly to record my reading and the number of books I have purchased over the year.

You might think that this is just an ordinary act, but if you are a bit of a perfectionist like I can be, it takes a bit of planning and thinking about. I started off writing down details and information in an ordinary notebook but it didn’t work and ended up abandoning it for something better.

Luckily enough I’d purchased a new notebook online, and I wasn’t planning on using it as a book journal, but it has worked brilliantly.

So what do I use:

Image result for conceptum notebook purpleImage result for pilot v5 hi-tecpoint 0.5

Image result for stabilo pens 88

~ Sigel Conceptum Notebook (purple and lined)Β 

~ Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint 0.5 multicoloured pens.

~ Stabilo fine tip pens (for a wider variety of colours)

When it comes to logging down information, I like keeping things simple.

The first few pages are dedicated to challenges and series I want to finish:

Then the months with the details of:

~ the books and authors
~ rating out of 5
~ dates read

And then:

~ favourite book
~ least favourite book
~ number of DNFs
~ number of books read
~ average rating.

At the end of every four months I will have a page that looks something like this:

(and though not in the photo, I have recently added the months above the books so I know precisely when I bought them)

What I love about logging these details into this notebook in particular is that it has a contents page and page numbers. You could create one in a plain notebook but already having it means that it doesn’t take as long to personalise and format it to one’s liking. Also the notebook itself is sturdy, there are pretty ribbon markers (white and purple), a handy pen loop, and the page gsm is thick enough that ink doesn’t leak through!

There’s also something about using an actual journal that feels more gratifying. Watching the pages grow with information. Personalising and decorating it in any way you wish. Flicking the pages back and forth, and admiring your own creativity.

So far, I feel as if I have the bare bones of my book journal and I can’t wait to continue filling it up with the many books that I read over the next few months.

Does anyone else use a book journal?
What details do you log?
Is it something you have always done or is it a relatively new venture?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!




44 thoughts on “Book Journaling.”

  1. I want your handwriting! It is gorgeous!

    I have a bullet journal and in it I include a book summary every month with tables where I can tally what genres, POVs & amount of pages in all the books I read and also my ratings. Then at the bottom I have a place to add my fav book of the month, least fav, total pages read and total minutes listened on Audiobooks. I also have tonnes of bookish lists throughout the journal. I also have my physical TBR pile shown, I will link to an example of the idea that I saw on Pinterest.. I don’t have a pic of mine anywhere but you will get the idea! Mine definitely doesn’t look as good but I’m not as neat or artsy as that!


    1. Thank you. I’m really perfectionist when it comes to handwriting in things like journals as I like it to look nice and neat. If I’m jotting down notes elsewhere and using a biro, it looks a little messier.

      I also wouldn’t call myself artsy but I do like trying to be creative and make things pretty.

      Considering I’ve started listening to more audiobooks, detailing the number of minutes listened to is a good idea. I might add it if it doesn’t mess up my format.

      At the end of June I might also add a tbr of books I hope to read in the next half of the year.


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      1. I know what you mean about writing, I try and be neater in my journal but in general my writing is just messy! So even when I’m being neat its still not great. And also when writing in my journal sometimes I’m just throwing thoughts on the page and when I’m doing that it’s even worse haha.

        And that awesome! I also have pages for the ReadAThons I participate in with my possible reads, the challenges, what I actually read and all that type of thing! I need to get back into more ReadAThons as I have been a bit slack the last few months!

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      2. I need to start remembering about the challenges I set myself at the beginning of the year. I’ve become a bit forgetful about them recently.

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      3. I agree! This month I some how have actually read the 5 books I had on my TBR! I think it’s the first time I have actually stuck to it that closely! It helped that 3 of them were part of a trilogy and I read them all together. But usually I might read 1 or 2 of the book on my TBR and then other books that I have on my shelf that catches my eye at the time.

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      4. I’ve read two of the books I picked out and one of those I listened to on audiobook! The others I put back on my shelves as I realised I was not in the mood to read them. I’ve also been on a classics kick and only one of my set books was a classic!

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      5. I had 1 audiobook on my TBR but I haven’t got to it yet as my Audible credit doesn’t come in to the end of the month and I forgot about that when adding it to my TBR.
        And I really need to read more classics. I have read a few but I want to read more!


      6. I tend to get the cheap audiobooks that come from the free kindle editions or re-listen to those I’ve not played got a while.

        I had a classics challenge that I would read as many as I did YA books and I’m failing miserably. I’ve read three this month so that’s not too bad but I would like to read more.

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      7. I keep relistening to the Harry Potter series! It’s so good. But besides that I have only listened to Ready Player One, LOTR: The Two Towers and Illuminae! I want to listen to Gemina but I don’t have it and I want to listen to the last LOTR book and The Hobbit but I just haven’t got around to it yet.
        And if you read eBooks and listen to Audiobooks you should get Scribd. It’s an awesome subscription. It’s fairly cheap and you get 1 audiobook and 3 eBook credits a month. It doesn’t have the same range as Audible. But there is still some good book on there.

        And 3 is pretty good! The only challenges I have is the YA reading challenge which is easy as I basically only read YA books, the Beat the Backlist challenge which is reading book releases prior to 2017, this is also pretty easy. I have read a few new releases but mainly older books. And I also have the Summer Bookish bingo at the moment. It’s fun but I don’t always read books so they fit challenges, usually at the end I make the books I’ve read fit into the challenges there was. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      8. I love the Harry Potter audiobooks! I’d be intrigued to know what Illuminae sounds like on audio due to the variety of formats used in the book. Same with Gemina. I started listening to The First Ever Damned Thing by Jodi Taylor yesterday so I should finish that soon.

        And I’ve just looked on my kindle and I can’t download Scribd because I am outside of the US. I’m alright with Audible though and since I only buy the audiobooks on offer, it’s not too bad. If I don’t use Audible, I use Librovox online as they have lots of books (particularly classics) that I can listen to for free.

        I set myself some other challenges and one of them is similar to the Beat the Backlist. I think it was something like read 10+ books that have been on my shelves the longest. I’m not doing too great on that either.


      9. Illuminae is amazing on Audiobook! They use a cast of voice actors and also sound effects. It’s definitely worth it! And I’ve never heard of that book. Is it a contemporary?

        And I’m not in the US either, I’m Aussie. I have it on my iPhone & iPad. I mainly use my iPad to read eBooks as my phone is too small…

        And most of the books on my TBR I own I have only purchased since I started my blog except a couple that I probably won’t actually ever read as they no longer interest me.


      10. It’s connected to a series called the Chronicles of St Mary’s. The easiest way to explain it is history meets time travel, but it does start off in a present contemporary setting. Most of the main characters are time travelling historians that go back to different periods of history. I’ve only read the first two books in the series but it is a cool series. I think I need to re-read those two books though because certain aspects of the time travel has confused me a little.

        And if it is an Apple only app then I’m not going to bother. I could put it on my ipod but since I use Audible on there, it wouldn’t be worth it.

        And I wish that was the case with me. I’ve got books on my shelves and tbr that I’ve owned since way before I started book blogging.


      11. Sounds like an interesting series! The name just made it sound like a contemporary. But can never really tell. πŸ˜‚

        And it’s not apple only. A friend of mine has it on their android. But yeah it’s just a cheaper alternative to Audible and you get more for your money. I personally use both.

        Before I started blogging I basically only bought books I was going to read right away. I didn’t own a bookshelf until 6 months before I started blogging. So the main issue was space at that point.


      12. It’s a really hard series to explain so I probably didn’t do it justice.

        I can understand why its not available on Kindle because why would Amazon promote the app instead of its own services?

        I can understand that. I know my book buying increased a lot after discovering booktube and book blogging but I still got quite a few before hand. I managed to create space on my shelves by boxing up those children’s books that I didn’t read anymore.

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      13. Well I’m intrigued so you must have done something right. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        And I left all those books at my mothers house when I moved out, I didn’t have many but the few I did stayed there. I don’t know what she has done with them since. But since moving in with my dad I have run out of room in my room for more bookshelves. So very soon I will be out of space in them! I don’t know what I will do them! 😫😫

        When I move out I am defiantly going to have a seperate room for my bookshelves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      14. Ah thank you!

        I’ve got the same problem with the bookshelves in my room too. I have quite a few shelves and bookcases in my room but if they are not full of books then they hold some of my Disney collection, my DVDs and other general knick knacks.

        When I eventually move out, I think I’ll end up doing that too.

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      15. I have 3 book cases in my room. 2 of them are those cube bookcases. I have probably 3 of those cubes free. It is possible that I could put more in 2 of those cubes as they are more display shelves for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts stuff. I know I’m going to have to do it eventually but I don’t want to! 😫😫

        My one goal in life is to have a room just for Bookish stuff πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚

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      16. I’ve also got three bookcases, and a set of 5 shelves that are set onto the side of my wardrobe. Those shelves are more display shelves even though 2 and a half are taken up with books. None are free! I’ve also taken up a full shelf on the family bookcase in the hall.

        I definitely want to be able to have my own little library. I’ve even imagined how it will look.

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      17. I have no room for shelves unless they go above my bed as all the others walls don’t have enough room unless they went up really high. I do have a high ceiling. But I want to be able to reach them! πŸ˜‚

        And same here! Can’t wait haha.


      18. I do have one big bare wall and a portion of wall above my bed that I could use for more shelving but I want to use that space for some decent pictures or canvases.

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      19. I have a lot of prints on my walls and I also have a massive photo frame that is kinda a memory board of a tonne of photos from the year I graduated. And because it’s soo big it takes the last of the space on one of my walls and not will to take that down. I would have to move my prints above my bed if I was to put shelves there. But it hasn’t come to that yet. πŸ˜‚


  2. I use a journal for my blog, but it is not as clean as yours. Mine is all over the place, haha. I don’t use it to log things, only to write down my thoughts. I even spilled coffee on it yesterday -_-

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    1. My blog notebook looks nothing like this book journal either. Some of it is neat but quite a bit of it is messy too. I wrote one page of it at night without wearing my glasses and it looks like a toddler scrawled over the page! πŸ˜† As that one it is just an ideas and planning notebook, I’m not too bothered about keeping it very neat.

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      1. Hahaha. I often write in my book without glasses too if I get an idea after I have gone to bed. I’m interested in doing a bullet journal in the future, they just looks so beautiful.

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      2. Usually I do put my glasses back on otherwise I’m semi night-blind but for some reason I didn’t that time.

        I thought about starting a bullet journal but it wouldn’t be something I would keep up.

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  3. Lovely post! And you have such beautiful handwriting! It looks like an actual font. So neat. I’ve always wanted to do a bit of journaling but I haven’t had the time or motivation. But I think it’s a wonderful idea! You’re journal looks so well-organized and cute! Wish I could do something like that but my handwriting is horrendous LOL XD

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    1. Thank you. A lot of people seem to be commenting on my handwriting!!

      Setting up this journal took a while as I had to write up four months of info but usually it doesn’t take a while at all. I mark the books down as I go so when I get to the end of the month, it only takes a few minutes to fill in the rest of the stats. I find that when I’ve been able to create something that I like to constantly look at, I’ll be more motivated to carry on with it. I also find making a book journal more rewarding than writing up a spreadsheet or MS document.

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      1. Because it’s AMAZING πŸ˜€ I’d love to see more of these journal posts!

        Oh wow, yes, that must have taken quite a bit of time and patience. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty efficient system going! And that makes sense. Aesthetics are always a good motivator to keep up a hobby. I’d agree that a journal is much more rewarding than a basic document. It’s so much more fun and interactive. I’ll definitely have to try it out now. Good luck on keeping up with your journal! πŸ˜€

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      2. I’ll have to come up with some journal-based posts then, although I have no idea whatπŸ˜€

        Thank you, and I hope it goes alright for you if you start one!

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    1. Thank you. πŸ˜€ Sometimes it’s often easier for me to use a journal than Goodreads, and I prefer to write things down than rely on an often dodgy internet connection.

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  4. Stabilo pens are my everything πŸ˜‚ I started a journal at the beginning of the year but it kind of fizzled out! I like you idea of having different sections ready to go! I think is fair better with a plan in place! Great blog πŸ™‚

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    1. They’re great! This particular journal took quite a bit of work to get right so I’m glad I’m still using it. xx


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