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Random TBR Challenge Catch Up


At the beginning of the year along with my reading challenges, I posted a random tbr challenge. What I did was randomly order my to-read books on Goodreads and pick the first 10. Those ten books I would hopefully read over the course of 2017, reminding me that there were these books waiting to be read.

I want to go over that original list of 10 books and see how well I’m doing.

They were:

Image result for the summer before the warImage result for the unexpected evolution of languageImage result for a thousand nights ek johnstonImage result for spindle ek johnstonImage result for mrs dalloway book coverImage result for the corfu trilogy gerald durrellImage result for the queen of the tearlingImage result for mary barton elizabeth gaskell                                  Image result for library of soulsImage result for the secret keeper kate morton

Well… I suppose I’m not doing well if the only book I have managed to fully read is The Corfu Trilogy and that is the chunkiest book on this list.

A Thousand Nights, Spindle, and Mary Barton were all DNFs for me a few months ago.

The Unexpected Evolution of Language is a temporary DNF because I do have every intention of going back to that and finishing it. I was dipping in and out of that one when I wanted.

I’ve not even thought about any of the others. Actually I’m being truthful when I say that I’ve completely forgotten about this challenge recently. With everything going on, I’ve been wanting to read those books I’m in the mood for, not ones I picked at the beginning of the year for a challenge.

However, I am determined to carry on and read the rest of the books on this list.

I am also going to make a little change to the lineup. As I did have those three DNFs, I’m going to replace them with three other books from my tbr, also picked at random.

These are:

Image result for and i darkenImage result for bright stars sophie duffyImage result for journey's end rc sherriff

Considering I possess physical copies of two of these books, Goodreads has made a good choice!

So that is that.

Did you make a random tbr for this year?
How are you doing with that?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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