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Songbook – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


With Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the focus for this week’s Through the Decades post, it only feels right that today’s songbook should include songs from the film.

One of the aspects that makes Snow White and the Dwarfs such a classic film is the music. Even if we haven’t watched it for a while, we still know the songs as they are on nearly every Disney compilation album and they are some of the most famous in the music vault. They’ve also been covered many times by different artists, particularly Heigh Ho, and it further implies the great legacy that this film has had on culture and our own lives.

Anyway, it has been a difficult choice deciding which songs should get the honour of being entered into the songbook. However, I have made my decision and I think these two songs might surprise you.

The first song is:

With a Smile and a Song

Running at 1 minute 37 seconds, this is a really short but important song for Snow White in general, showing to us her character and mentality. She’s run away from the Huntsman, scared and upset, and finds herself not really knowing what to do. She knows she can’t go back otherwise she will be killed, and is forced to confront that fear. A lot of people say that Snow White is a weak heroine, that she’s just waiting for her prince to sweep her to safety, but this song shows her strength. She’s  singing that “there’s no use in grumbling” telling us to get up and carry on, that no matter the trouble [we’re] the one’s who can fill the world with sunshine.

I also like the softness of the melody and how that has been composed to complement Snow White’s character and personality.

Apart from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the song has been featured in WDW’s Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fayre, and also makes a cameo in the ONCE episode ‘Heart of Darkness (series 1 ep.16) when Snow White (Ginny Goodwin) is cleaning the Dwarfs’ cottage.

And the next song is:

Whistle While You Work

Written and composed by Snow White legends, Frank Churchill and Larry Morey, this song follows With a Smile and a Song. To me this one of the most classic scenes in the entire film that has helped to influence its musical legacy and the song itself is not one completely dominated by lyrics. It’s more about the scene in general and it’s simpleness highlights the wonderful animation, as well as the cheekiness of the animals.

Snow White is quite correct when she calls it a great song to whistle or hum and I often find myself humming along to it when doing similar chores.

I can’t find the words to describe how much I really like this song so I’ll just leave it there for you all to enjoy.

And that is that.

What do you like about these two songs?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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