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June TBR Hopefuls


The beginning of the month has come round again and so it is time to make the TBR. Similarly to May, I am not setting myself a strict and rigid TBR, but there are some books that I do want to get around to reading this month.

Mainly, I want to start reading those books that have been on my shelves the longest and are part of my Random TBR Challenge – a catch up post that will be up later in the week.

I have already picked out the first book and that will be:


I’m finally in the mood for some historical fiction so I hope it lives up to the good reviews!

And the others:

Pride and Prejudice – ever since Laura @thebookcorps and I collaborated on my Pride and Prejudice Tag 2.0, I’ve had a real hankering to re-read this again. I do usually re-read it every year anyway, so that time is finally now. And as it is such a well-read classic, it will be one that I’ll read quickly and enjoy so much.

The Sunrise – a book that I’ve had on my shelf since its release in 2014. Oops. I’ve really liked every other book that Victoria Hislop has written and so it is high time to get this read. I don’t know why I’ve put it off for so long but with the need to read historical-fiction, this will fit the bill perfectly.

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves – when I was talking to Emma @ Terror of Knowing a few days ago, I found myself really wanting to read anything to do with the English Language. There are other books I could have picked up as well but this is one I’ve been curious about for a while and have never got around to reading.

Dracula – Oh, classics, how I need to read more of thee. One of my set challenges for this year was to read 1 classic for every 5 YA, or as many classics as YA books and I am falling majorly behind. I could have gone for a smaller classic but I’ve been intrigued by this one for a while and I do really want to read it.

Queen of the Tearling – I did once DNF this but I do remember liking what I’d already read. I think the DNF was me not being in the right mood for it but it is one fantasy that I do want to read because I’ve heard interesting things about it. It’s also a complete trilogy now (I’m just waiting on the soon-to-be release of the final book in paperback) so I’m looking forward to the fact that I can start and hopefully finish it within the next 6 months.

As I said above, these are just books that I’m hoping to read. It’s not a strict tbr so I won’t be bothered if I don’t feel up to reading any of these, although I can say for certain that Pride and Prejudice will not be one of the books being cast aside!

What do you hope to read this month?

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

4 thoughts on “June TBR Hopefuls”

  1. Pride and Prejudice is possibly my favorite classic. Love the BBC adaptation too! And I own Eats Shoots & Leaves. It’s incredibly helpful and humorous. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Good luck with your TBR this month 🙂

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    1. The BBC adaptation is my favourite! I’ve watched it so many times that when I read the book, I hear the actors voicing the dialogue in my head. It’s great.

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