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The Happiness Tag

Hello everybody!

Today’s tag post comes in the form of the Happiness Tag that I’ve seen a lot of lately – it is, however, nice, kind and generally great to share happiness along in a tag such as this! Anyway, I was tagged by the lovely Mandy over at Book Princess Review and receiving this tag certainly made my day, so thank you!

There are no rules. Just a case of listing the things that make you happy.

So, let’s get on with it.

5 Things That Make Me Happy

1# Books – That is not going to be a surprising answer considering I am typing this post on a book blog of all things. Books take me to my happy place even though they sometimes like to destroy my heart at the same time – I’m currently looking at you Lord of Shadows, and The Bone Sparrow!

2# Disney – Something else that is not so surprising. I loved it since I was a kid and whilst people said I’d grow out of it, it has not happened! The more I dive into the world of Disney, the more I love it and hugely appreciate everything that goes into making the magic.

3# Meeting up with friends – I don’t see many of my close friends often because we all live in different parts of the UK, and have lives that don’t allow for a lot of time together so when we do manage to meet up, it is nice. I do however get the chance to meet with my friend Chloe from time to time but she is the one who lives the closest to me and it is relatively easy to get into Manchester (the middle point between both of us) and meet up.

4# Alone Time – I love it when my sister is away, my parents have gone away on one of my dad’s work trips, and I get the house to myself. I love my close family, but sometimes it can be loud and crazy and I can’t often deal with that. I crave silence and peace and being in the house alone is my idea of perfect relaxation. It also means that I can do the things I like doing at home without any interruption and go about things at my own pace. I get most of my reading and writing done when I’m alone as well so it’s definitely beneficial for me.

5# Boosts in self-confidence – I’m not someone who is easily confident about anything. If someone pays me a compliment, I’ll often hide behind my own insecurity but when there are multiple compliments that are honest and about the same thing, I start feeling better about myself. Often I don’t realise it until something has passed and it’s only when I think about it later on that I feel happier and more content.

5 Songs That Make Me Happy:

1# Strong by Sonna Rele 

2# Who I Am by Jessica Andrews

3# Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood

4# Any Dream Will Do by Jason Donovan

5# Sing by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band

There’s something about all of these songs that just instantly makes me feel better about myself when I listen to them. I also love the fact that I can decently translate four of these into BSL or SSE (Sign Supported English).

Actually connected to that, something else that makes me happy is getting completely lost in the music and realising the beauty and expression it creates through BSL. I’ll put on something like the old Celebrate A Dream Come True parade soundtrack from Walt Disney World and instead of singing out loud, I’ll start signing it and feel myself buzzing with an overwhelming sense of joy. I’ve noticed this more as my BSL has improved a lot over the last few years and it feels great!

And that is that.

As always I have no idea who I’m going to tag, so this time I’ll just tag those people who are at the top of my notifications:

Michaela @ Journey Into Books
Laura @ The Book Corps

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

16 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag”

    1. There’s nothing better. I also happen to be reading whilst listening to Disney music at the moment so that love for the both is currently magnified!!


  1. Great tag, Emma! 🙂 I guess I can relate to all your answers to some degree!
    I need a lot of alone time, especially if I haven’t had it in a while. Loved ones might find it odd and not always understand, but we really need time to recharge our energies and be ready for the world again ^^ Or, at least, I do!
    (Also, getting some reading and writing done while at it doesn’t work either 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I certainly need that alone time to recharge. When it’s nice outside, I’ll often go for a walk or nip down to the library because I know I won’t get disturbed.

      And ha, although that’s subjective. I’m far more productive when it is quiet and I’m alone. No one to bug me or make me lose focus.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was wondering if you meant that because I got totally confused as well. 😀

        I find that even when it is quiet and all of us are at home, I’m always anticipating a sudden change in decibels. With my sister as loud and demanding as she is, every quiet moment to myself is pure bliss.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely love Evermore from the live action Beauty and the Beast! It’s such a brilliant song and packed with unbelievable emotion. I get chills when listening to it and I can’t wait to finally see its corresponding scene in the film!


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