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Major Book Haul


As well as being a good reading month, May has also been a month where my own book collection has grown somewhat. Yeah, I broke my personal ban again but I will redeem myself by saying that a lot of these were mainly for my sister who I’ve mentioned quite a few times now because she has begun reading a lot more.

I didn’t have a lot of books that were suitable for her language requirement and so I went to my local village bookstore and bought quite a few middle-grade books that might quench her desire for more. Although, I did have my own personal interests in mind as well when I picked these up. Oops. Maybe not an entirely selfless act after all.

Image result for murder most unladylike series

Image result for the london eye mysteryImage result for blade and bone catherine johnson

Image result for clockwork sparrowImage result for jewelled moth

I’m a little annoyed with myself though as Blade and Bone is the second in a series of books, and I had no idea until I went to read it myself a few days ago. I’ll have to trick my sister into buying the first one (Sawbones) so I can read it before her! Even if she does decide not to read any of these, at least there are some more Middle Grade books that I can enjoy when I want something fun and exciting to read!

Anyway, the next books in this month’s haul are:

Image result for the bone sparrow book coverImage result for the quick lauren owenImage result for the power book naomi alderman

Image result for the dark circle linda grantImage result for hunted meagan spoonerImage result for flame in the mist

I know I already have a kindle copy of Hunted but I loved it so much that I wanted a physical copy. Also there are some page designs to the hardback that didn’t come out well in kindle format. Actually having a physical copy of this book now makes me love it more!

Now April and May have been full of new books, I’m going to try to be good and not get any books that have not previously been pre-ordered.

There has to be a limit and I think I’ve surpassed mine for the moment.

And I suppose that is that.

Have you bought any books this month?
Have you read any of these? What do you think?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

10 thoughts on “Major Book Haul”

    1. Thank you. I might pick up one or two of them in June. I’ve already read and finished The Bone Sparrow though and I can definitely say that it is good book – also an important one at that.

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      1. My review for The Bone Sparrow will be up on Wednesday. I’m trying to write more reviews so we’ll see how that goes – some work out better than others.

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  1. Awesome haul! 🙂 So many books, oh my goodness… I’ve been resisiting buying any more for my wallet’s sake hahaha
    But I always enjoy checking out what everyone else is buying!
    I plan on reading Hunted and Flame in The Mist sometime soon ^^

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    1. I was trying to resist as well but with things being the way they were, I ended up comfort buying. My birthday book haul in April was obviously not enough for me!!

      Hunted is definitely a great book – one of my favourites so far. And I also hope to get to Flame in the Mist soon, once I’ve knocked off a few old books on my tbr first.

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