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T5W – Summer Reads

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday, the Goodreads group that showcases our five favourite books or book related things for that week.

As we are now in spring and slowly moving into summer, it is time to start sharing some of those books we save for this time of year. I weirdly find myself wanting to read more adult historical fiction and contemporary books when it comes to summer and so hopefully these 5 books are some that I will get round to reading or re-reading this season.

Image result for the secrets of happiness

Image result for summer at the little beach street bakery

Image result for anna and the french kiss

(Though this is obviously YA and not adult)

Image result for the sunrise victoria hislop

Image result for the lake house kate morton

All of these books have been sat on my shelf for ages, unloved, so summer is the perfect time to give them the attention they should wholeheartedly deserve.

What books do you want to read during the summer?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

4 thoughts on “T5W – Summer Reads”

    1. I was going to re-read a couple of Kate Morton’s other books before reading it but I don’t think I’ll bother. It does look like another good book from her though.

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