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Oscar de Muriel Book Signing


Yesterday my local Waterstones hosted an event that is very rare for us – a book signing. You might think that rather odd as Waterstones have book signings all the time but where I am in the NW England, they always go to the large stores in Manchester and Liverpool, missing out small towns that are not as important in comparison – I could easily get to either one during the day but as most are at night, transport back to my village becomes somewhat more of a problem.

Anyway, I digress.

Having noticed the announcement on Twitter a few days ago, by the author and Waterstones, I jumped at the chance to go. It was my first ever signing and I am hoping it won’t be the last (I’m not really counting the meet with Christopher Paolini that my best friend and I attended 5 years ago in Edinburgh because we only experienced half the meet due to time constraints).

Anyway, I got to see and speak to the relatively new Victorian mystery novelist, Oscar de Muriel, author of the Frey and McGrey series which is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine. His current three books in the series include, The Strings of Murder, Fever of the Blood, and A Mask of Shadows.

Image result for the strings of murderImage result for the strings of murderImage result for the mask of shadows book

I managed to get all three books signed, and they are now the most cherished tomes on my small but growing Victorian murder mystery shelf:

If you haven’t read these books yet and like your Victorian murder mysteries with an added essence of the supernatural, I highly recommend giving them a go.

It’s always an amazing buzz getting to meet an author whose books you really like, and I hope the success of this signing means that my local Waterstones will host more of them in future. Maybe we can get the likes of Laini Taylor, VE Schwab, Samantha Shannon?? Or possibly Sally Green since she is a local author??

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a good day!

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