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Middle Grade Recommendations

Hello everyone!

Today I have a question to ask of you lovely readers and book lovers.


What Middle Grade or early YA books would you recommend for someone who has only just started reading for pleasure, and often struggles understanding complex English? 

I ask not for me, but for my sister who wants to start reading more chapter books, preferably Middle-Grade (around 9-12), very early teenage/YA books. She was browsing my bookshelves this morning and it has made me aware that I only have a couple of books that fit her interest and language requirement – it makes me wish that I hadn’t gotten rid of the children’s books I read when I was younger!

Apart from Harry Potter which she has already started reading, I have come up with some ideas:

Image result for sleepovers jacqueline wilsonImage result for james and the giant peach bookImage result for enid blyton books

(including anything else written by these three authors)

Image result for 101 dalmatians bookImage result for mary poppins bookImage result for the fault in our stars book

(mainly because she knows the films, so the story will be easy to pick up)

Image result for princess diaries bookImage result for the worst witch jill murphyImage result for peter pan book

At the moment, I’m only looking for suggestions. I’m going to put these past my sister and see what she says but any more popular middle-grade books would be a real help. It’s just a case of seeing what she fancies because I’m not entirely sure what genres she’s attracted to.

Anyway, if you can help and have any great recommendations, I will be most grateful! Who knows, even I might give them a read!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!


6 thoughts on “Middle Grade Recommendations”

    1. I went through some books with her before and she seemed to pick those that had an element of fantasy and magic. She didn’t seem interested in Percy Jackson though. However, Chronicles of Narnia is a possibility and it will be easy considering I still have the box set on my shelves.

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  1. Ella Enchanted, The Spiderwick Chronicles, all of the Tamora Pierce books I’ve only read Alana but there very popular. Princess Academy by Shannon Hale who has quite a lot of good middle grade books. For older books try The Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew.

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    1. I’ve been liking the look of them for a while but I’ll see what she thinks of the others I picked up before going out of my way to purchase these.

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