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Disney Challenge – Favourite Hero


Welcome back to the 31 Day Disney Challenge.

Day 7 is my favourite hero and this was a difficult one to answer because I wasn’t really aware if I had one or not.

However, after some consideration I have decided that he happens to be…


Image result for hercules disney

What I like about him is that he is pure of heart. Despite becoming a worldwide phenomenon with merchandise, he retains his innocence and compassion, and prides himself on that more than his physical strength. I must have a fondness for outcasts and characters who are outside the norm because he does struggle to fit into society and is called a ‘freak’ by those around him.

He is also one of the more underrated heroes and not as popular as he should be. I bet many would flock to see him in the parks if he wasn’t such a rare character.

And that is it.

Fun Facts:

In one episode of the television spin off series, a messenger asks for him but mistakes his name as Heracles. Hercules is the Roman equivalent of the Greek name Heracles.

He is the only one in the film to be called by his Roman name.

In the original myth, he is driven mad by Hera’s jealousy of another step-son and kills his own wife and children.

The last full line he speaks in the film is “I finally know where I belong.”

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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