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Disney Challenge – Favourite Princess


Yesterday’s post was all about my favourite character and I mentioned that I had to change it for one reason or another, and that was mainly down to this question. My favourite character is also my favourite princess (today’s question) and it should not be a shock to any of you to know that it is…


Image result for belle beauty and the beast

As well as everything she stands for, Belle is my princess because she was the new princess by Disney at the time I was born. I felt like I was growing up alongside the popularity for Beauty and the Beast and I loved it. Nowadays, I relate to her on a personal level and I constantly want to share her values and beliefs with a wider world. She is also a bookworm and I have no shame in saying that she helped me to realise how much books mean to me!

I also enjoyed following Belle in ONCE and I won’t deny that the Skin Deep episode of series 1 was one of my favourites. She became one of my favourite characters in the show but now that the writers are throwing her character all over the place, I have not been keeping up with it. Maybe once she is given some stability that I will come back to the world of ONCE.

Image result for belle once upon a time

Until then, I will be completely happy just falling in love with Belle all over again when I finally get to watch the new film. If not, her status as my favourite princess will never change.

I will love her forever!

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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