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T5W – Authors I Want to


Welcome back to the first Top 5 Wednesday in a while! If you want any info into the group then you can look here, but this week’s topic is authors we want to read more from.

I am going to try to keep this to five because there are many authors that fit this description:

Erin Morgenstern (The Night Circus) – one book from her is not enough. I need more of her beautiful writing and vivid descriptions!

Benjamin Alire Saenz (Ari and Dante) – Although I have a copy of his newest book Inexplicable Logic of my Life on my kindle, I have still not read it. However I want more of his books because they are filled with great characters, friendship, and important values.

Deborah Harkness (All Souls Trilogy) – Similarly to Erin Morgenstern she needs to write more books. Her mix of the supernatural and history was done intellectually and brilliant, and I want more!

Sally Green (Half Bad Trilogy) – I know she has another series on the way but I cannot wait for it. And as she is a local author for me, I want to support anything she writes!

Leslye Walton (The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender) – For the third time, another author who needs to write more books for me to read. She is a co-author for A Tyranny of Petticoats which is on my TBR but I want a single book from her too.

And that is that!

Thanks for reading and have a good day!




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