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Birthday Book Haul


Last week, I turned 25. It was not a prospect I was looking forward to considering I’m still stuck at home and jobless, but my sister was determined to make me celebrate and so we ended up in London for two days along with her boyfriend, and best friend.

During this time we did quite a bit of shopping and experienced the wonders of the Science Museum – which is amazing by the way! Of course when we were in the shop at the end, I made a straight beeline for the book section and ended up coming away with books. It was so hard not to leave with more than I did because they had lots of books pertaining to WWI and WWII (mainly on the subject of medicine and health care) that I wanted to come away with.

In the end, I decided on 4 books and these are:

Image result for Nurse at the front

Image result for doctors in the great war

Image result for shell shocked Britain

Image result for women in science

I don’t think this will be it for my birthday book haul though because I can guarantee that I will go on a fiction book haul soon and say that it is in addition to this list. Plus, it will be great therapy after a couple of really hard and draining weeks.

So that it is it.

As always, thanks for reading and have a good day!


7 thoughts on “Birthday Book Haul”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Emma! I guess jobs are competitive everywhere. Hang in there, you will find it! That’s cool of your sister to take you away for your birthday! Hope you had fun!


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