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Harry Potter Book Tag


Once upon a time there was a book series that made me fall in love with everything relating to magic, witches, and powerful messages.  That series is Harry Potter and whilst we have had a love/hate relationship over the years, it is still a series that is dear to me and one that I now enjoy a lot. So, I am very happy to have been tagged by Avi and Vishwa over at Panic at the Bookstore to do the Harry Potter Book Tag, originally created by Bookidote.

There is just one major rule – you can’t use any of the HP books for the answers.

I also borrowed the graphics from there and I am glad they were free to use because they are fabulous!

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get to this tag but I’m on top of everything now so let’s get started.



A book you found interesting but would like to rewrite.

Image result for crooked kingdom

I liked it but the constant need for heists started driving me crazy. If I was to rewrite it, I would take a few out.


A first book in a series that got you hooked.

Image result for strings of murder

This Victorian mystery/detective series is fairly new compared to many of its contemporaries but it is a refreshing and enjoyable take on murder mysteries. The two main characters of Ian Frey and ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray don’t always get along and it creates a dysfunctional partnership that works quite well. I highly enjoyed this book and the second in the series (Fever of the Blood), so I cannot wait to dive into the third book (A Mask of Shadows) that has only recently been released.


A book you wish you could have right now.

Anything written by VE Schwab is highly anticipated for me and I really cannot wait for this to be released. I loved This Savage Song but felt it was a little lacking in places so I really need this one to put my mind at rest and prove to me that VE Schwab still remains one of my favourite authors.


A killer book.

Image result for testament of youth book

I’m interpreting ‘killer’ to mean a book that ripped my soul into a thousand pieces and Testament of Youth is certainly that book. I’ve only read it once but it hit me incredibly hard in the feels. I also think it is a very apt choice considering that Brittain lost every one close to her because they’d been killed during the First World War.


A book you found confusing

Image result for wuthering heights book

And this is was mainly down to nearly all the characters having the same names! All the second generation characters were named after the first generation and whilst I know that it was common practice, it didn’t half confuse me! It’s one of the reasons why I loathe the book so much!


Your spirit animal book

Image result for pride and prejudice book

If you have read a lot of my posts by now, you know that this is my favourite classic, arguably my all-round favourite book, and I will return to it time and time again. It’s very rare that I find myself connecting to different characters from the same book but this has happened with Pride and Prejudice and I think it helps me to understand the characters more and how they have been written in such a relatable manner. Thanks Austen!


A dark twisted book

Image result for frankenstein book

This is the only book I could think of for this question but in terms of what Frankenstein does, it certainly counts as dark and twisted. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. Regardless, I really like this book and it is one that constantly makes me question modern day scientific and medical advancements.


A book that surprised you in a great way, revealing it to be more than it is.

Image result for gemina

I’ve raved a few times now how much I love this book and part of it is because I did not expect it to be as good as it was. Illuminae was really hit and miss for me so for this instalment to blow me away was spectacular and I cannot wait to see what twisted adventure Amie and Jay come out with next.

I have done quite a few tag posts recently so I am not going to actively tag anyone. All I’ll say is that if you like this tag, consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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