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DLP at 25 – Themed Years/Seasons

Happy 25th Anniversary Disneyland Paris!

Now it really is the time to sparkle and enhance the magic and wonder of the season!

Today means that we can officially celebrate everything we love about the park, but it also means that this will be my very last post for Disneyland Paris at 25.

The last couple of months have gone extremely fast and I can’t quite believe that this series is now at an end. To go out with a bang, I think I have chosen one of the most apt of posts and that is the success of the themed years and seasons.

On nearly every trip I’d taken to the park, it was during one of these seasons and I loved it because there was more going on and there was always something new to experience with every trip.

The ones I experienced were:

Image result for disneyland paris 15th anniversary

Image result for disneyland paris new generation festival

Related image

What is now nice is that even when it is not a special year, there are still themed months to enjoy like Swing into Spring, Halloween, Christmas, Season of the Force etc.

I think they bring something special to the parks and create different experiences depending on when you go.

Characters are dressed in seasonal costuming, there are varying shows, the park is decorated subtly and to its best, and there is an expectation for it to live up to every passing year.

Image result for swing into spring disneyland paris

As I don’t get the opportunity to visit as much as I would like, it always seems extra special and memorable whenever I go during one of these annual seasons. And with all the pictures and videos the park always looks exceedingly beautiful! I can’t wait for the day when I finally get to see experience some of these events for myself.

And that is that.

What do you like about these themed seasons?

Fun Facts:

The tiara on the Royal Castle Stage weighs in at 5.3 tons and is made up of 250,000 Swarovski crystals.

There are 400 new costumes made for Disney Stars on Parade.

On the topic of costumes, the stockpile for Disneyland Paris is the largest in Europe, with 250,000 + garments in stock.

Thank you for joining me through this series!

I’ve loved writing all these posts and finding out fun facts about the park that I’d never known before.

Again I will give a huge bonne anniversaire to Disneyland Paris!

Thank you for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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