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DLP at 25 – Toy Story Playland


9 days to go until Disneyland Paris officially turns 25! Yay! But it also means 9 days for me too and I’m not looking forward to that prospect. I’d be over the moon if I was spending the day in Disneyland Paris but instead I will be in London, trying not to go anywhere near King’s Cross station (that is after I’ve done everything Harry Potter).

Anyway, I am rambling.

Into the Walt Disney Studios park we go and towards Toon Studios so that we can eventually shrink to the size of toys and enjoy everything Toy Story Playland has to offer.

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As one of the newest expansions of the WDS, Toy Story Playland is the first fully themed area based on a particular series or franchise. Imagineers and builders broke ground in 2009 and opened to guests on the 17th August 2010 – a couple weeks after my own trip that summer ended. 😦

The land is host to three attractions:

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin
RC Racer

Attractions that are encased in lots of greenery and other large scale models of toys that one might find in Andy’s own back yard.  A lot of these models also make for fantastic photo locations and for fans of Toy Story, it’s a win-win situation.

What I like about the land is that you can get completely lost in the Toy Story universe and forget your ever in the WDS park. As it is a land within a land, you’re diving further into a story and world that exists on its own plain. It could have been attached onto Disneyland Parc and it would still have created its own small bubble – essentially a bubble within a bubble.

The only criticism I have about this land is that it is not the best for me in terms of attractions. Due to my dislike of thrills and heights, there’s no way I’d find myself on RC Racer and the Parachute Drop, and whilst I’m not entirely bothered, it makes me wish that there are more attractions in WDS that are more to my taste.

However, it is the family environment that the park needed, and in its seven years the guest capacity of the park has no doubt increased as a result. Toy Story is incredibly popular and there will be people like me who find the franchise to be a huge part of their childhood. The films and I grew up alongside each other and every time I now re-watch films one and two, there are moments when I can say “oh, that is similar to when such and such happened” and all that, and for me personally it creates an extra layer to my Disneyland Paris experience.

What are your opinions?

Fun Facts:

The army base for the Parachute Drop is named Fort Emery in signage and nomenclature, a reference to Emeryville in California where Pixar Animation Studios is located.

Much of the queue for Slinky Dog is made from Lincoln Logs. These were notably featured in Toy Story 2 when a building made out of them collapses to reveal Mr and Mrs Potato Head inside, kissing.

RC weighs almost 9 times as much as a modern Formula 1 car.

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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