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T5W – Future Classics

Hi, everyone!

Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday.

All the information to the group is here, but it is a weekly challenge whereby we pick 5 books based on a specific topic. Today’s topic is future classics.

I’m going to say now that I might not have read two of these books but from what I’ve heard and seen, they come across as books that could be taught in schools and mentioned on any of those top reads of all time lists.

With that out of the way, let’s get started:

Image result for the book thief

Image result for the life of pi book

Image result for the perks of being a wallflower book

Image result for the night circus

Image result for harry potter books

And that is it.

What do you think?
What books would you see as future classics?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

12 thoughts on “T5W – Future Classics”

    1. Not all classics are enjoyable anyway, and I’m saying that as someone who usually likes classics. 😀

      The Life of Pi is one I haven’t read but from what I know about it, I can imagine it being a classic. Same with Perks.

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  1. I had Harry Potter, The Perks of Being a Wallflower & The Book Thief on my future classics post as well! Which I 100% agree! I am yet to read The Night Circus, but it is something I definitely want to get to!

    I’ve never been that interested in reading Life of Pi, I saw the trailers and ads for the movie and they just didn’t appeal to me, so I never had an interest to give the book a go. I’m a massive fantasy reader though, so that would probably explain it too.


    1. I’ve only read The Night Circus once but it is good. It’s slow but really immersive!

      Life of Pi doesn’t appeal to me either, whether it’s because I’m a fantasy reader as well, but for some reason I can just imagine it being a classic.

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    1. Life of Pi and Perks are not two I’ve read either – just thought they were popular enough to be seen as classics.


  2. Great choices! I almost included HP on my list, but decided not to just because I knew a lot of other people were going to include it, haha.

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    1. Yeah, I usually have it as an honourable mention but included it this time because I couldn’t think of anything else.


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