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DLP at 25 – Disney Animation Gallery


Welcome back to Disneyland Paris at 25!

This time I am spending a bit of time in the Walt Disney Studios Park and my first port of call is the Disney Animation Gallery.

Image result for disney animation gallery disneyland paris

This small but lovely shop is housed in the Art of Animation building and opened with the rest of the park in 2002. One of the more unique stores, it contains a lot of high end merchandise – figurines, art work, jewellery, books, and collectibles.

As soon as you walk in, you notice all the wonderful displays of artwork and collectibles, and it is hard to resit not wanting to look at and buy everything.

I’ve never bought anything from in here as my bank balance wouldn’t stretch to much but I know that is one of the stores I would frequent the most, because it doesn’t sell the generic parks merchandise that you can find anywhere else. It’s often quiet too and for me that makes a shopping experience a lot more enjoyable.

As well as the unique collectibles, the one striking aspect of this store is the ceiling. If you look up, it is as if you are looking into a night sky full of stars and all the constellations. One in particular is Sorcerer Mickey, and I like the fact that it is forging a greater connection to the Art of Animation building since it is the home of Disneyland Paris’ Sorcerer Hat!

There is not much to this little store but next time you are in the Studios, take a few minutes to wander round and absorb the animation and classic atmosphere that Disney is all about.

Thank you for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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