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Welcome back to what would usually be a Top Five Friday. Today’s post is a little different, although it will still be a countdown of sorts.

When I originally started thinking about the topic of Disney Books, my mind kept running all over the place from one book to the next. There were so many that I kept thinking of, that I needed to dedicate this post to all of the ones I know, not just five. My personal library (physical and kindle) has a small shelf of Disney books and I want that to grow and grow because I love finding books that talk about different aspects of Disney and it’s one of the main ways I absorb a lot of information.

So if we are ready, here are the books I have so far:

Image result for dlp sketch to reality

Available in both French and English, this book is the crowning jewel for Disneyland Paris history and concept art. It takes us through all the magic that went into building the park and showcases what makes it stand out. The book is as beautifully detailed as the park itself

I cannot count the number of times I studied WWII at school but it was always the same topics and viewpoint, and until university I never really went deeper into the societal and cultural changes brought about by the war. First year of university, I was researching for an essay and came across some of Disney’s wartime shorts. It struck me that I needed to know more about Disney’s influence and what they did to help the war effort on the Home Front. In regards to that and much more, this book is a gem! I love it a lot, and I’m glad it is a part of my small Disney books collection.
Image result for the art of walt disney book
I have only read this once because it is a very hefty book but it is an interesting read that covers a lot of information from the films to the theme parks. I have the current 2011 edition and I don’t doubt that in a few years, it will be added to and republished again with everything that has happened since.
Truthfully this belongs to my sister but it currently lives on one of my Disney shelves. It is a good little book full of interesting information that covers nearly all the decades, and it has a nice, clear, and simple layout so it is very easy to find what you want which is a bonus. I also use it when I’m researching my Through the Decades posts so it certainly gets read a lot.


Image result for The Thinking Fan's Guide to WDW

Had I not used to listen to the author’s own Disney podcast, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod, I doubt this book would have crept into my radar. I credit Wallace’s podcast for introducing me to a lot of Disney history and interesting facts in regards to the American parks, so when he announced that he was writing this book, I knew it was one I’d have to read. It is not like all the (in)official guide books you find, it has that personal touch and references other films and Disney connections with all the different attractions. As someone who has never been to Walt Disney World, I was fascinated by it and it made me want to find out even more. I don’t know if the second edition is available through the UK Amazon but if it is, I would recommend purchasing a copy, and even listen to his podcast via ITunes.

The first of five volumes, this book is really good for stories about Walt Disney and what it was like to work for Disney. I don’t remember the stories that well as it has been ages since I read it but I know I was fascinated by different tales and events that happened. Now I’ve just discovered volumes 3, 4 and 5 I know what I’m reading next!

Image result for the biography of walt disney

Another heavy and long book but it covers a lot about Walt Disney, and it is one of the most detailed books about him that I have ever read. I wouldn’t have stumbled across it had it not been for my village library and when I found it for sale a few months ago, I knew it had to be mine. It is a great book and what hits me the most is that it focuses on Walt Disney as a infallible human being and his personality, not solely the business man who ran an entire cultural empire. I don’t think I’ll find another book like it.

Image result for Who's Afraid of Song of the South

If there is one aspect of Disney that gives me a lot of confusion and grief, it is their treatment of Song of the South. I’m not going to start a rant about why I think Disney is completely stupid and contradictory when it comes to this classic, and I’m not entirely sure if this book helps, but it is interesting. It touches on the background of the film, people’s reactions, and why it is unfortunately destined to be locked up forever away from the public eye. I’m not sure on it’s availability, but if you do have access to an e-reader, I would recommend giving it a read.

And I think I have saved one of the best books ’til last:

Image result for Disneyland Paris: twenty years of dreams

Similarly to Sketch to Reality, this is a must have for everyone who loves Disneyland Paris and its history. From what I’ve recently seen through Twitter, I’m glad I bought a copy because it is now unavailable and has been replaced by the new 25th anniversary book DLP From A to Z (of which I NEED when it comes available on the Disney Store website). Written in French and English, this particular book is full of information and amazing pictures about the park and its recent legacy. I can only hope this next book is just as great!

These 9 books are it! As always when it comes to me and books, I want more, and I’m looking forward to the day when I need at least a couple of shelves for these books.

Have you come across any interesting Disney books?
What ones would you recommend?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!



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