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Disney at the Oscars


Last night, Hollywood descended on the Red Carpet for the largest award ceremony of the year, the Oscars. Nominated for quite a few awards across the categories, Disney came out with three big wins:

Best Animated Feature for Zootopia/Zootropolis

Best Animated Short for Piper

Best Visual Effects for The Jungle Book

Whilst it was nice to see the news confirming the wins, I was not surprised. However, I was shocked when it came to Moana. Whilst I haven’t yet seen it, I at least expected awards in Best Song or Score but alas, nothing, and that’s a shame since it is one of my favourites at the moment, and certainly better than what I’ve heard from La La Land.

When the Academy first announced that both Moana and Zootopia were up for Best Animated Feature I automatically thought that as the more musical, princess-style film, Moana would be a sure-fire win but now I am hugely grateful that the award went to Zootopia. Having watched the latter recently, I finally understand the praise and acclaim that this film has achieved. By receiving the Oscar, it is affixed in popular culture, showing Hollywood and the wider world that its messages of diversity, unity, and determination are universal and important to the growing discord in our society. If I had to pick out a feature film from this current era of Disney animation, I would have no qualms in choosing Zootopia, and even recommending it to people who are not Disney fans.

If there is one thing that can be taken away from Disney’s award achievements it is that the wide-reaching, global messages of these stories are influential. With great characters, role models and positivity, the original words and ideals of Walt Disney remain in our grasp.

Now, all I am tasked with is to watch Piper. It is the only film I haven’t yet seen but I know I know I’ll love it!

What do you think about Disney’s achievements yesterday?

Was Moana robbed of an award?
What awards were you expecting Disney to win?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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