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DLP at 25 – Les Mystères du Nautilus

Hello and welcome back to Disneyland Paris at 25.

Here I’m going to dive 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and discover the underrated Discoveryland attraction that is Les Mystères du Nautilus.

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Opening in July 1994, it is located in the lagoon near Space Mountain. As well as showcasing the Jules Verne story and theme of Discoveryland, the attraction is a tribute to an original Disneyland attraction in California, honouring a connection between the two parks.

To access the attraction, guests enter a lighthouse-esque room and proceed further through an underwater corridor.

There are 6 rooms to the attraction in total:

  • Ballasts’ Compartment
  • Captain Nemo’s Room
  • The Charts Room
  • The Diving Chamber
  • The Main Salon
  • The Engine Room

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In the Salon, there are a couple of special effects that make this attraction truly extraordinary – the giant squid animatronic and the mirror above the organ. And the organ truly is a great specimen, being the organ that was used for the 1955/56 film.

One of the main things I like about this attraction is that the walkthrough experience of the story is completely unique to Disneyland Paris. There are a lot of different details to take in, and out of all the Discoveryland attractions, it’s the only one where you can really take your time to view everything. I’m also not really into thrills so this is something I can walk around whilst the rest of my family enjoy the crazy and dizzying inversions of Space Mountain.

Secondly, it is also a really quiet and accessible attraction – perfect for when you want a bit of time to yourself during really busy periods!

Fun Facts:

Artist Tom Sherman, who did a lot of work on Nautilus, was honoured as the admiral of the Nautilus.

Treasures in the attraction include a map of the East Indies dating from 1794 and a book from 1638.

Original concept of Discoveryland could have seen the Nautilus submarine actually moored inside the Discovery Mountain complex. The show building would have housed the roller coaster, and a large free-roaming cavern that would have been home to a Nautilus restaurant.

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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