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T5W – Books to Get Me Out of a Reading Slump.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the last Top 5 Wednesday of February.

Wow, this month has gone quickly.

Anyway, Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group whereby we suggest books and other book-related stuff depending on a topic for that particular week. This time we’ve got books that help us out of a reading slump, and I know for me there are quite a few books and some that I have more than likely mentioned before.

So with that out of the way, let’s get started:

Image result for the secret diary of lizzie bennet

Pride and Prejudice is my all-time favourite classic, it is one of my favourite books, so when I came across the webseries and this companion book I fell even more in love. For those who don’t know, this is a modernization of Austen’s novel and I think it is one of the best there is in terms of story and character development. Whenever I am not in a classics mood and want to revisit the story, I will always come back to this adaptation. Written in more of a generalised YA kind of style, it is easier to invest in and I can read it quickly which is what I want whenever I’m trying to get out of a reading slump.

Image result for all creatures great and small box set

I know I’ve mentioned these before but whenever I am in a reading slump, fluff, comfort reads are exactly what I want to help me out of it, and these fit the bill. They’re witty, charming, and written in an easy way that you never realise how many pages you’ve read in a short time.

Image result for 101 dalmatians book

I mentioned fluff and comfort reads as the perfect books and to me, there is nothing more fluff than a children’s classic that I’ve adored for years. I remember reading this last year to help me out a reading slump and it worked wonders because it is a book that doesn’t require a lot of concentration.

Image result for prisoner of azkaban book

Any Harry Potter book would probably work but I always go for my favourite and that one is the Prisoner of Azkaban. Again it’s really easy to fall into a well-developed and conceived world with characters that instantly come to life and a story that opens up in front of your eyes.

Image result for zoo tales oliver graham jones

This isn’t a book I’ve picked up for a while but I had a spell a few years ago where I would constantly re-read this whenever I was fed up with new releases. It is almost an identical style to that of the James Herriot books and that is what I liked about it, except that it is set in London Zoo and not 1930s Yorkshire. It’s an instant pick me up and perfect when I’m in the mood for crazy animal antics.

So that is it.

What books do you reach for when you’re in a reading slump?
Do you go for new books or old favourites?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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