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DLP at 25 – Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast

Hello, everybody!

Welcome back to Disneyland Paris at 25!

Located in Discoveryland, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is situated next to Café Hyperion and opposite Orbitron. Opening in 2006, it replaced Le Visionarium and started what I call the “brandification” of Discoveryland. However whilst it stands out like a sore thumb against the European, Jules Verne theming, it’s a fantastic attraction that it is a lot of fun.

The story revolves around the Evil Emperor Zurg – sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance – and his plot to steal all the crystallic fusion cells (batteries). Riders are raw recruits to Star Command, and with multilingual instructions by Buzz Lightyear himself, travel through Gamma Quadrant on an XP-40 Star Cruiser and save the universe with invisible infrared lasers by shooting them at the ‘Z’ targets. Points are accumulated throughout the mission and are shown on the electronic dashboard on one’s cruiser.


In order to get full advantage of the many targets, the cruisers spin at 360 degrees. Points are accumulated throughout the mission and are shown on the electronic dashboard on one’s cruiser.

At the end of the mission, one receives a ranking depending on the number of points accumulated, ranging from Space Cadet at the bottom to Galactic Hero!

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As an incredibly popular attraction, it is fitted with a FASTPASS queue. It also has a cruiser that is wheelchair accessible.

I can’t express how much I love this attraction. Although I think that it is located in the wrong park (I believe it would be better suited in the Walt Disney Studios), it is so much fun and accessible for everyone to enjoy. My family and I are huge fans of Toy Story so it is one of our favourites and it brings out our competitive streaks. I don’t think I ever do particularly well but it never matters! It is one attraction that we’ll ride nearly every day when we are on a trip and we never tire of it.

Fun Facts:

There are no less than 725 little green men throughout the attraction

It features 88 targets to shoot at.

At the beginning of the attraction, 9-Eye from Le Visionarium is hiding behind one of the giant bots.

Thank you for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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