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Top 5 Friday – Films I Still Need to Watch


Welcome back to my first Top 5 Friday in weeks! I’m not entirely sure why I let this feature slip but it is here again and needed to break up the constant stream of park posts at the moment. 

So, here I am with the Top 5 Walt Disney Animated Feature Films that I still need to watch. Out of all 54 films there are 12/13 that remain and surprisingly they all seem to come from the same periods – either WWII package or post-Renaissance eras.  

I’ll list those 12/13 at another time but here are the five that I do desire to watch soon:

Fun and Fancy Free.

This is one film out of these choices that I actually might have seen before, although I can’t remember. However I am on a mission to watch all of Disney’s package films because the short films are some of those that tend to be forgotten and I want to be able to keep them alive for me and perhaps my sister if she wants to watch them too. 

Ichabod and Mr Toad

Another forgotten classic that keeps cropping up at the moment in things I’m reading or researching for this blog. I might have seen a couple of clips for this before but I’ve never sat down to watch it all the way through, and since I bought this dvd a few weeks ago, it is only right that I watch it. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This was one film that never really interested me when it was first released, but now it really strikes me as something I need to watch. As well as containing some forgotten characters that need a bit of love, it’s a story and concept that appeals to my current fondness for science fiction and adventure. 

Brother Bear

I’ve actively listened to the songs from this film a number of times, and even liked them a lot, but for some reason it has always been one that I’ve just passed by and I have no idea why. My reckoning is that I never really watched the post-Renaissance films when they were released, preferring the earlier classics and PIXAR, but now is the time to remedy that. 

and lastly…


I am probably one of the only people in the Disney community at the moment who has not watched it yet, and I have no reason for it. The dvd is sat on my shelf, it is currently being played on Sky Movies Disney and nothing. What? I think what it comes down to is that I have this slight hesitation whenever I see it. I want to sit down and enjoy it, but at the same time I don’t want to be swept away in all the hype and then feel disappointed if it doesn’t reach my expectations. As everyone seems to love it, it unknowingly adds a little bit of pressure that shouldn’t be there but does ultimately make its mark. On another matter, does anyone know why is there this name change from Zootopia to Zootropolis? I don’t understand this particular change, and for once I actually prefer the US title. It’s strange. 

Rambling over, there’s my top 5. Of course I will have to check if they are available on Sky Demand or even purchase the remainder of the dvds before I can watch them all.  


– Have you seen any of these films?
– What do you think?


Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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