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DLP at 25 – World of Disney

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the wonderful World of Disney, and the first shop of this series.


Opening on 12th July 2012, World of Disney became the newest and biggest store in Disneyland Paris. It is located at the hotel entrance to the Disney Village and in my mind that is the prime location for business due to guest flow.

Housed in a 1920s Art Deco building, the store pays tribute to the “grand magasins” (department stores) of Paris and sports a spectacular interior full of Disney glory. It sells a wide variety of branded merchandise and with the expanse, one is certainly not going to go home unhappy. 


Nonetheless, it is the detailing of the interior that is particularly striking. Near the circular ceiling in the middle, the store is host to some amazing murals like this one of Aladdin. In fact, there are 10 murals, each depicting 5 continents, and that were designed exclusively for Disneyland Paris. 

In the centre, there is also this wonderful hot air balloon, hoisiting Mickey and Minnie up to many a spectacular location. I could stand there for most of the day admiring all the details but no doubt I would end up with a terrible crick in my neck! 

What I love about this store is the contrast in theming. The exterior with the bronze statues of Mickey and Minnie (rescued from the old WoD store on New York’s 5th Avenue), the colours, the design, scream 1920s and yet inside it is really bright, fun, and cheery, embodying everything Disney has achieved since its inception. 

Secondly, I think the building makes for a nice transition from the Disney Village to the Hotel complex, especially to the Hotel New York which just next door to the entrance, uses a lot of similar 1920s colouring in its decor. 

As the flagship store for the Disney Village and Disneyland Paris, I continue to hope that it will spur on positive development for an area that warrants some well-deserved Disney love and attention. 

And that is that. 

What do you think of the store? 

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day! 

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