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Disney Valentines Part 1

To all who celebrate this “holiday” Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t actively celebrate this day (mainly as I’m happily single) but it is the right moment to list and talk about Disney and its various romances – couples and their respective songs. 

I want to cover both in top 10 lists/countdowns so what I’m going to do is split them into two different posts. Here I’ll go through the couples, and on the next, go through the songs. 

So as to not be samey and narrow in my choice of couples, I have tried to pick some from a variety of Disney properties – 5 are animated and 5 are live action. 

With that out of the way, let’s get started. 

Oh and of course, these are not going to be in any particular order because I don’t think I would be able to rank them from top to bottom. Also apolo 

1# Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Here is what I like to call the ultimate Disney partnership. There is no reason, it just is. Disney have been ingraining it into our own Disney pysche for years and it’s only natural to think of Mickey and Minnie when looking into a post such as this. What I also love about these two is that the most popular/more current voice actors behind them were also husband and wife (Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor).

2# Lady and Trampn (Lady and the Tramp)

Here we have a Romeo and Juliet story, the only difference being that it actually ends happily ever after. I always loved watching the relationship bloom between Lady and Tramp and it is because they learn things from each other whilst staying true to themselves. That’s what I believe it should be about and it is always sweet to watch this quintessential romance play out. 

3# Kim and Ron (Disney Channel’s Kim Possible)

I adored this programme a lot when I was younger and one of the reasons was because it showed a good strong family and friendship unit. It might have centred a lot on Kim’s global adventures but relationships were an important part of that, and it was a testament to the writers of the show that thay kept Kim and Ron as friends before turning them into a romantic partnership. It meant that we got to see them grow and learn from each other and understand their flaws. They had a natural progression and I love that. It might not be classic Disney but I wish it would be something that they go back to because it is great!

4# Tiana and Naveen (Princess and the Frog)

Fun, quirky, and complete opposites, but together they bring something out of each other and create two well-loved characters. 

5# Belle and Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

I doubt these two are much of a surprise to most people who know my preferences by now, but I had to include them. To me they are the epitome of the modern Disney romance and I love them to bits. 

6# Chloe and Kevin (102 Dalmatians) 

From when these two meet in the film, they clicked from the get go. What strikes me about them is that I believe them to be the live action copies of Lady and Tramp. Chloe is all prim and proper, Kevin is rough and not her natural choice for a partner and yet they strike up this relationship. Also, in the film when they’re on a date eating spaghetti and meatballs, and the dogs are in the house watching Lady and the Tramp on VHS, the two scenes are played side by side (by my reckoning on purpose). I also love that the actors behind the characters (Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd) met on the film, married and are still together.

7# Giselle and Robert (Enchanted)

Whilst this is a relatively quick romance (although developing more than Giselle and Edward at the start of the film) they teach each other a lot about what it means to be in love and treasure that what is pure and true. They are complete oppostites, Giselle is fanciful and naive, Robert cynical and serious, but yet their connection is really powerful. Throughout the film we see the subtle hints that show their characters developing and that all comes together in the ballroom when it is Robert who actually wakes Giselle from her sleeping state and not Edward. Giselle is also a positive influence on little Morgan and gives her the motherly love that she wouldn’t necessarily receive from Nancy.  It’s nice and again it is fantasic that a relationship is reinforcing a strong and happy family unit. 

8# Regina and Robin (Once Upon A Time)

There are a lot of different opinions about these two but when I was actively watching their relationship play out on ONCE, I really liked it. Regina was finally okay with herself, she was understanding that she could be the person she wanted to be and Robin was helping with that. She was also great with Roland who needed a motherly figure at that time. I might not have watched ONCE for a while but I will still always like this relationship even if the writers want to destroy it for whatever reason. 

9# Roger and Anita (101 Dalmatians)

These two could be either animated or live action, and whilst I like both versions, I prefer their live action counterparts. 

10# Queen Clarisse and Joe (Princess Diaries II: Royal Engagement)

The whole film might be about Mia, her arranged marriage so that she can become queen, and the love triangle between her, Nicholas, and Andrew, but it is Clarisse and Joe that steal my heart. Their love is pure, understated, and truly beautiful. 

And that’s it for part 1. I’ll be back later with my favourite romantic songs. 

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day! 

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