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DLP at 25: Market House Deli

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The Market House Deli is a counter-service restaurant located on Main Street USA, and attached to the Discovery Arcade.

In keeping with the Early Twentieth Century decor, it brings a deli and general store to what would be the heart of a small-town community.


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If there is one thing I cam’t forget to mention it is that the detailing in here is pretty impressive, and reminiscent of an actual deli. There are sausages and different cuts of meat hanging from above the bar, and shelves around the walls are stacked high with old-style tins of food and different jars. I did completely miss this when I was in there last but again this detailing is a testament to the Imagineers for wanting to create a business that was as authentic as possible to the early Twentieth Century. To add to that, this is one of a few stores lining Main Street USA that has an antique telephone switchboard behind the counter, giving guests the impression that there is working phone service at the deli.

What I particularly like about this counter-service besides the fact that it doesn’t serve fast food (hallelujah!), is this contrast between the small-town feel of the deli and the New York-inspired decor. Whilst it remains in the same era, I wouldn’t have thought that the blend between small-town communities and city-style businesses would work, but it does and to a fabulous degree.

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The only downside is that outside of peak restaurant times, you don’t have the privilege of standing in the queue and admiring all the details. It is not one of the busiest so in that respect, it is ideal if you want a quick and hearty snack without having to wait a long time.

That’s it for the time being.

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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