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My Disney Confessions

When I was joining in with the Disney Bloggers Chat on Thursday (8pm GMT) we got onto the topic of Disney Confessions.

Since I’ve had this blog, I don’t think I’ve done a post dedicated to Disney Confessions so now I want to jump on that wagon and sort it out.

1# I have not yet watched Zootropolis or Moana.

In terms of Moana, I’m waiting for the DVD – my local-ish cinema is not easy to get to and rarely has accessible subtitled screenings of the films my sister and I want to see. For Zootropolis, I have no excuse.

2# I’ve never experienced Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris.

The rest of my family were never bothered by it either so we tended to pass it by whenever walking around Frontierland. I will always stop to take photos of it though.

3# I don’t actively wait in line to meet characters. 

My sister and I used to when we first went to DLP but as this was before the organised queuing system, it always turned into a scrum and we’d get pushed out of the way. I much prefer the spontaneous character meet-and-greets.

4# I have no intention of ever watching a Star Wars or Marvel film. 

Nope. Not happening.

5# I’m not loving Disney’s current obsession with adapting all their animated classics into live action films. 

Nope. Whilst Beauty and the Beast is one of the only new releases I plan on watching this year, I’ll gladly let all the other films pass me by. Nothing can beat the originals!



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