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Favourite Children’s Books

Do you ever reminisce about those books you always read a lot as a child?

I don’t know if it is just me but I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Some of them keep popping up in different tags and things but I think it is nice to look back at the books that resonated with me as a young child and that helped to instil a love of reading.

Some of these will also be poetry books – I adored poetry and still do! I might as well do these first.


Image result for when we were very young aa milne

Image result for now we are six
Image result for heard it in the playground

Image result for heard it in the playground

Image result for the puffin book of twentieth century verse



You might find that there is a strong animal theme to most of these books. I might as well declare it now that I loved anything to do with animals, so all of these were very well read.




Image result for the peppermint pig

Image result for animal ark books panda

Now moving away from animals:

Image result for the hollow tree house

Image result for sleepovers jacqueline wilson

Image result for matilda book

Image result for alice in wonderland jigsaw book

Image result for collection of bear stories

You know I think this list could go on forever if I wanted, but I’m going to end it there. I loved all of these books equally and like I said, they are what made me into a reader.

What were the books you loved as a child?
Did you read any of these?
What books would you consider re-reading as an adult?


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