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Top 5 Jan TBR Books


For the first Wednesday of January, I will not be joining in on this week’s Top 5 Wednesday. The reason being that the topic is something I’ve already posted within the last couple of days (2017 reading goals) and I didn’t want to repeat myself. Instead, I’ve decided to share 5 books that I want to get round to reading this month.

As usual, these are in no particular order:

Image result for Ice like fire

Image result for frost like night

I started off 2017 by reading Snow Like Ashes and I really enjoyed it, so at some point this month I want to read both of these and finish the trilogy. I have high expectations of these so I hope that they don’t disappoint.

Image result for the corfu trilogy gerald durrell

I’ve mentioned this book recently as it came up in my tbr randomiser challenge but since receiving it for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to read it. The synopsis and the feel of this novel remind me of the All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot and as I love that, this sounds like something I will really enjoy.



I bought this during summer last year and of course, I had every intention of reading it as soon as possible. That obviously didn’t happen, even nearing the end of 2016 where I would be seeing a new booktube video or blog post talking about nearly every week. To read this in January would be nice. It would mean that I can finish another series (even a short one at that) and read a YA that’s not a fantasy.


If there is one Patrick Ness book I am dying to read, it is this. Since the recent release of the film, I have noticed it everywhere and it seems like one of those poignant stories that will stick with me once I’ve read it. It is also one of the shortest books on my shelf at the moment and that’s fantastic when all the others are 400 pages +.

And that is it from me.

Hope you enjoyed this list and thank you for reading.


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