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2017 Reading Challenges

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. Let’s hope this year comes with positivity and lots of reading!!

Every year I try to come up with a couple of achievable New Years resolutions that usually end up being forgotten about, but in the last couple of years, I’ve started to make resolutions and challenges for my reading and in terms of books in general. I’ve come up with 8 in total and I definitely think that they are do-able.

Books in General:

1# Review more books

I do review books, and I have posted some on this blog but they haven’t been as regular as I would have liked them to be. I would also like to review more because it would break up the monotony of always doing the same type of challenge and tag posts on a weekly basis.

2# Only buy books after reading at least 10 of the longest-serving books on my tbr. 

Personal circumstances as they are, I can’t always afford to buy books unless they’re super cheap and from a charity shop so I need to tone down the amount I do purchase on a regular basis. Book buying bans never tend to work so at least if I do it this way, I might be able to control my book buying urges.

Personal Reading Challenges:

1# To read 60 books for my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge.

My 2016 goal was 55 and I surpassed that really easily. I know I’m only adding 5 more books but I prefer to make the goal attainable and then read leisurely rather than force myself to keep on top of it, especially if I’m in a reading slump. Also, I read quite a lot of chunky fantasy books that take ages to read so it’s less pressure to get through them quickly.

2# Read at least 10 books that have been on my shelves the longest. 

This for me includes my kindle as well because there are books I purchased on there that I haven’t read yet, despite having every intention in the world to read them as soon as possible. It’s a way of helping me to bring down my tbr to a manageable amount, and also forcing me to read the books I’ve mentioned in previous Down the TBR Hole challenges.

3# Read one classic for every 5 YA/to read as many classics as I do YA books. 

I’ve not decided on which to choose but both are in aid of getting me to read the classics that I’ve been intending to read for years. Before I found YA and threw myself into those books – between the ages of 13 and 20 – I read nothing but classics and adult literature and I want to semi go back to that because the time has come now where a lof of YA, particularly contemporary YA, doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I want to read about more adult characters and this seems like the perfect way to do it.

4# Finish any completed series on my shelves. 

Once upon a time I used to read a series all in one go, wrapping that story up so I could move onto another series or a standalone. Now, even when I have all the books to a specific series, I’m taking ages to pick up the next book and then they just sit there for ages waiting to be read. It’s okay if I was not a fan and didn’t want to pick up the next instalment but most of the time I like them and have moved onto something else, which in turn makes me forget that I have all these incomplete series on my shelves. I want to get out of that rut.

5# Read at least 2 French books (original or translated) over the course of the year. 

As a university graduate of French, I am really bad at keeping it up. Because I have noticed it slipping a lot due to lack of use, reading it will be one of the easier and more accessible ways for me to keep on top of all the language I’ve been learning for years. I also have quite a few French books on my shelf and on my kindle so it’s not as if I’d have to trail around looking for some decent ones.

6# Read at least 3-4 non-fiction books.

I’ve always liked reading non-fiction, especially certain history books that I’ve had to read as part of my degree and it seems a shame to dismiss them and put them to one side whilst the list of fiction books increases with every week. It’s also a way of expanding what I read and looking into subjects that I now find interesting, especially if I’ve come across them in fiction and wanted to know more about them i.e. linguistics, psychology, anthropology etc.

That is it. As I’ve said, I’m certain that these will be doable. All I have to do now is remember that I’ve made them, something that’s easier said than done.


What reading challenges have you set for yourself in 2017?


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