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Walt Disney’s Legacy

Today marks the 50th year since Walt Disney’s death in 1966.

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The dreamer and innovator behind:

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and everything in the world of Disney!

Despite Walt’s death throwing the studios into turmoil and the dark age of animation, with the help of a few key players, the legacy that Walt Disney left behind brought it back to be the leading global entertainment corporation that we continue to love.

For a lot of people it is the remembrance of Walt Disney that keeps the magic of his world and work alive. It permeates everything that he touched that in turn touches our own lives. None of us in the Disney blogging community would be writing if it wasn’t for Walt Disney and I know that when I’m in the right mindset, it is an honour to share what he created.

As of the 5th to today, Disney Parks around the world have been honouring his legacy with ‘Walt Week: Celebrating a legacy of Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation. They’ve each got a wall where guests can post messages – on magnetic Mickey shaped icons – about Walt Disney and what Disney means to them. These walls will then be taken down, shipped to the D23 offices in Burbank, and then reconditioned to be exhibited at the 2017 D23 Expo. I think this is a fantastic idea, promoting the widespread love, joy and recognition of everything Walt brought to the world during his life.

The one thing I want to know is then what will happen to the walls after the Expo? Eternally honouring Walt at the numerous parks, it would be nice for the walls to return to their prospective park and be given a permanent home for everyone to look at. That way, new and returning guests can see and read about Walt, and it gives the parks another way of remembering the man behind the magic.

Maybe they’ll be given their own home at the Walt Disney Family Museum?

All I know is that it would be a shame for the walls to go back into storage, not being viewed or even added to.

What do you think?

And it’s not just the parks who are celebrating his memory. Yesterday a plaque was unveiled in Isigny-sur-Mer, (Normandy, North Western France) giving his name to the Public Gardens in front of the town hall, in honour of his family’s French ancestry.


All of these public sentiments are great and well done, but for us it’s how we personally honour Walt’s legacy that is of greater satisfaction. Whether that’s by writing, blogging, making videos, working as a Cast Member/Imagineer, or simply watching the films and listening to the songs, we all respect his memory in our own way and it’s something to be proud of.

So whatever we’re doing today, just take a minute to honour the man behind the true Disney magic.


Thank You Walt Disney for the memories, dreams, magic and imagination coming to life everyday!

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever” – Walt Disney.


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