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My Disney Christmas Film Traditions

Hello everybody!

I’m hoping that this post along with a couple more events over this next few weeks will help me to enter into the Christmas spirit because truthfully, for me it is a little lacking. However, what usually does help me to feel the warmth and magic of Christmas (besides all the traditional Christmas carols) is Disney.

Ever since I was younger, but more so in the last few years, Disney has been at the forefront of my mind in regards to Christmas, and it’s down to this… they both possess the same or similar intrinsic values – belief, hope, magic, inner strength, light, togetherness, joy, family, friendship. I care about this a lot more than its modern commercialisation, and whilst it might make me sound old-fashioned, not to mention ironic since I’m talking about its comparisons to Disney (a company heavily focused on commercialism as well as creating dreams, magic, etc), it brings a lot of different aspects of life into perspective and gives them the importance their due.

One of the ways I honour this is by watching certain films and television specials, a few times on repeat, starting after my sister and I have erected the tree (should be this weekend!) Nearly all of these are filled with nostalgia and childhood memories but I still love them to this day and honestly prefer to watch these no matter the major holiday film of the year, or any other popular holiday film.

Snowed in at the House of Mouse, and Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas.


It doesn’t matter that my copies are in French (with the ability to be watched in English as well) because for me it doesn’t detract from the great segments/short films that make up both these dvds.

I’ve mentioned before that I loved House of Mouse when I was little but surprisingly enough it was only a few years ago when I discovered the Christmas special. What I like the most about it is that a couple of the segments that make up the episode, are two of my favourite Disney Christmas short films – Pluto’s Christmas Tree, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Secondly, the entire episode is ended with a great Disney song that is determined to get me in the mood for Christmas – The Best Christmas of All.


Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas is filled with everything alongside nostalgia and childhood memories. It is the vhs my sister and I used to watch every Christmas and for just over an hour, it takes reality away. It also has a heavy focus on family and togetherness, and it’s relatable.


The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Celebrate Christmas with Mickey, Donald and Friends


I could argue that the Muppet Christmas Carol is probably my most favourite Christmas film of all time. It’s my favourite Christmas story, and it’s just been done brilliantly and in such a timeless manner. The music also adds that bit more sparkle to a well-known and loved classic.

The latter is a fairly new dvd I purchased as part of a set last year and is full of different short films for the holiday. The most well known short is probably Pluto’s Christmas Tree (look above) and the Silly Symphony adaptation of The Night Before Christmas (a poem I always have to read at this time of year). What’s good about this disc is that a lot of the shorts are from the earlier years of the Disney studios, films that nowadays are bypassed by new viewers or younger generations. There’s no story to it like the other dvds but it’s still a nice disc to have and re-watch.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas


Next to Once Upon A Christmas, this was the only Disney Christmas vhs I had growing up. Loving Beauty and the Beast as much as I do, it’s second nature to want more of the characters and this gave me what I want. It also has another good Christmas song I always seem to forget exists until I watch the film.

And that’s all I have.

Do you have any Disney traditions?
What films do you usually watch?
What do you think it is about Disney that brings out the sparkle for the holidays?

Thank you for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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