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December TBR

Whoa? What is going on here? Me, a…tbr? It’s crazy! Unnatural!

But oh yes!

December is the month for a tbr. December has always been a month with a tbr because there are certain specific books I can only read, and only ever want to read at this time of the year. It might be tiny but it always means a lot to me to read this selection of books, short stories and poetry:


Image result for a christmas carol book penguin

Image result for a visit from saint nicholas book

Image result for christmas treasury family classic edition


Moving away from the Christmas reads, I do have a few other books I’m tagging on either end of this tbr.

Image result for The Bone Season

A necessary re-read for me after reading The Pale Dreamer this morning (the newly released, and very highly recommended novella for this series. It was so good!)

Image result for the mime order

I can’t not plan on re-reading the second book as well, not when it is just as good and very beautifully written.

Image result for this savage song

I have made the decision that I will pick this book up this month. I don’t care what happens. I will read this before December 31st.


In the hope I’m going to get through this tbr, I’m starting now. It should happen…hopefully.

Do you have any specific December/Christmas reads?
What do you plan on reading this month?



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