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I Am The Reader Book Tag

Hi everyone!

Today I am doing the I am the reader book tag which was created by Penguin Random House in honour of the new debut YA novel, The Reader by Traci Chee.  The novel is set in a world without reading and so this tag was created to help us reflect on what reading means to us and how it has shaped us.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1# Choose one word to describe being a reader:

Though there are many words that I can think of, one that really jumps out at me is exploration. We learn so much through reading and it’s only by exploring new worlds, settings, events, etc whether they be fictional or non-fictional, that we have a greater understanding or awareness of the world around us.

2# What is the very first book that you fell in love with?

I think one of the first books I remember reading over and over again was When We Were Very Young or Now We Are Six by A.A Milne. I loved anything to do with Winnie the Pooh as a child and I liked the idea that I could discover more about him and Christopher Robin through either one of these poetry books. I have to admit that I think these were the books that instilled in me a love of poetry.

3# Hardcover or paperback?

Both. Whilst I’d go for hardback due to their durability and sturdiness, and the fact that it’s the common format for many new releases, paperbacks are much cheaper and often lighter to carry.

4# How has reading shaped your identity?

I’ve been reading since about the age of 3 and it’s one of the only peaceful past times I have ever known. It hasn’t shaped me because being a reader has always been a part of me. However it has given me greater awareness and a love of discovering new worlds that I can’t access through general travelling.

5# What book do you go to for comfort?

One of the main book series I always reach for, whether that be through my boxset, e-books, or audiobooks, is All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. They’re light-hearted, fun, witty, and I always pick up something new from them. I used to just like them for the stories but now I love going back to them to discover the social history aspect of 20th Century country life and the advancement on veterinary medicine.

6# Who taught you to be a reader?

My grandmother taught me how to read before I went into nursery school but I don’t think she necessarily taught me to be a reader. Being a reader was something I just became on my own.

7# Describe your dream reading lounge?

It would just be a cosy library with shelves covering all but one of the walls – there would have to be one free so there’s space for some book and Disney-related posters or artwork that I may acquire. There would also be a decently sized desk situated somewhere in there for my laptop. Not forgetting that somewhere in the room would have to be a comfy chair or couch to snuggle into when reading.

8# Who do I tag?

Anyone who’s reading this and wants to participate.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “I Am The Reader Book Tag”

  1. I did this tag a while ago and back then my answer for the first question was “adventure”, but right now I think my answer would be “escape”. I read a lot to escape the stress of life and school, it is my way out and my way to relax 🙂


    1. I found it in my drafts folder and decided to post it. Reading was certainly an escape for me in my final year of university as it was crazy. If I hadn’t had books, I think my housemate and I would have struggled more through that year.


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