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I Bought Books.

I’m not going to say that I made a huge mistake when I was in Waterstones earlier, or that books automatically fell into my hands whilst my friend and I were browsing the Fantasy and YA Fantasy sections. Book buying happened and I’m glad of it, even if my bank balance groaned a little in the process.

In any case I limited myself to three books:

The Graces by Laure Eve

Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

And considering two books were in the buy one get one half price offer and I get £10 off my next shop, there are no regrets!

Of course now all I need to do is rework two or three of my shelves so I can fit them on. Damn. The curse of organisation through alphabetisation!!


6 thoughts on “I Bought Books.”

    1. I bought The Graces on the recommendation of one of my friends and she loved it. I’ve heard it has witches so I’m excited to read it. I’ve heard amazing things about Nevernight too so I’m anticipating great things.

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    1. I’ve not got round to reading Nevernight yet. I didn’t write a review for ACOTAR – I read it summer of last year way before I started book blogging on here.

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      1. oh I see.. 🙂 I do have that problem.. haha.. I have plans to read them again so I can review properly but there are just too many good new books to read that it’s hard to pass up 🙂 I really like the Nevernight cover. The details is amazing.


      2. I also have plans to re-read both ACOTAR and ACOMAF and review the former. Agreed on the Nevernight cover, it is pretty.

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