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Welcome to Top 5 Friday!

Hello and welcome to a new series that I’m launching called Top 5 Friday. Each Friday there will be a topic from any facet of the Disney studios and from that will be my top 5. I’m hoping a series like this will help me keep up the consistency in releasing posts, and maintaining this blog whilst bringing some diversity to its content.

My chosen starter topic for this week is extinct Disneyland Paris (or any Disney theme park for that matter) shows, parades and attractions.

Let’s jump in and get started:

5# The Enchanted Fireworks

I saw these fireworks quite a few times over both my trips to DLP in 2008 and 2010 and there is one primary reason why I like this particular spectacle over some of the other firework based shows….the music! Music is an important part of a firework show and so I was immensely happy when Disneyland Paris decided to use the music from Enchanted as the foundation for a new show. I think that Alan Menken and Steven Schwartz did an incredible job composing the score for the film and putting to fireworks to it was one of the best ways of incorporating the film into the theme parks. Before I saw this, I wasn’t a huge fan of firework shows but this show and Disney in general showed me that fireworks could be enjoyable to watch.

4# The Wonderful World of Disney Parade

“Hey there, hi there, ho there, it’s a Disney kind of day” are the lyrics that start off this wonderful parade and ignite my memories of being in a Disney park for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much I loved this parade and how Dancin’ kept me singing and dancing for the entire holiday. Along with the classic feel of the floats and the audience participation during show stops, there’s no wonder that DLP kept this parade running for 10 years! Not to mention recycling some of the floats for other parades!

3# Fantillusion Parade

This is the only night-time parade I’ve ever seen and so I was really sad when Disneyland Paris decide to pull it in 2012. I loved the floats, the focus on our favourite tales, and the classical feel of the soundtrack. I can’t comprehensibly write what this parade means to me without feeling disappointed that it is no longer there to cast light, music, and more magic onto Main Street, because ultimately it is the night time parade I associate with Disneyland Paris.

2# Wishes

What can I say? I’m a sucker for Disney night-time entertainment. Wishes was the first firework show I ever saw at Disneyland Paris and it is my next favourite night-time show after Dreams! Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy take us on a journey of our favourite classic wishes from Disney animation and it reminds us of the power that they possess. Just as with Dancin’, I was constantly humming and singing Wishes when we got back home because it was that song which instilled in me a greater desire to know more about Disney and embrace that love I’d been bottling up for years.

1# The Legend of the Lion King

Out of every DLP stage show I have seen, this will always be my favourite. Whilst The Lion King was never one of those films I watched growing up, I was always surrounded by it and particularly the music. I knew the story and liked it but it wasn’t until this show that I felt a strong connection to it. I’d never seen a Disney show on this scale before with live singers, actors, dancers etc and it was fantastic to watch. I think out of many shows, The Lion King is one that really does translate well onto the stage and it proves how popular it has truly become. I was happily surprised to find out that once the show had closed, some of the dancers went to London and were a part of The Lion King in the West End. We need another show like this in Disneyland Paris. It set that precedent for incredible showmanship and storytelling and I want it to continue.


That is it for this very first Top Five Friday! If this inspires you, I invite you to participate in this series!

Thank you for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!!

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