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Disneyland Paris Tag

Hello everybody and welcome back.

As has been the norm for the last few weeks, I’m here with a tag. I’m going to try to not roll out the same type of posts again and again but it has been another busy week and I’ve not been able to sit down and plan the posts I do want to make at some point.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this tag because this one is all about Disneyland Paris (originally found on youtube) so let’s get down to business:


When was the first time you to went to DLP?

I first went to DLP all the way back in 2005 when I was 13. For my family it was our first proper holiday outside of the UK so it also means a lot to us.

What hotels have you stayed in?

We always stayed on site so we’ve stayed in Hotel New York (2006, 2012), Newport Bay (2005, 2008), and the Disneyland Hotel (2010).

Where’s your favourite place to eat in the park and Disney village?

Sit-down restaurants:

The Blue Lagoon (now Captain Jack’s) – I adore the setting, the atmosphere, and being able to watch the boats go past on Pirates! I’ve only eaten in there once though because it is particularly pricey.

Walt’s – Again I’ve only been in once but I do remember really liking it. We also had a table right near a window and my sister and I were watching the parade go by once we’d finished our meal.

Buffet Services:

Plaza Gardens.

I know it is in one of the hotels and not the parks or Disney Village but we were also fans of Cape Cod in Newport Bay.

Character Meet and Greet:

I’ve only ever been into Café Mickey, and it was good for what we wanted.

Counter Services:

Market House Deli on Main Street USA – my mother and I discovered this one on our last trip and I was really surprised by it. It was also one of the quieter counter services which was fantastic.

What is your favourite land?

Fantasyland! It is the land of all my favourite Disney films and characters and you are thrown straight into all the worlds of magic and fantasy. It’s also one of my favourite lands to just walk around in and soak up the European atmosphere.

What attraction could you go on repeatedly and not get bored of?

Big Thunder Mountain. I am not a thrill ride person at all but this is one of mine and my family’s favourites in the entire park. It is highly enjoyable and certainly one of the wildest rides in the wilderness.

Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios?

Whilst the Studios park has grown on me over the years, I would still have to say Disneyland Park.

Your favourite Meet and Greet.

I don’t really do meet and greet’s. My sister and I used to when we first started going but they were always chaotic scrums and it put us off. I know it’s different now but I still can’t get that out of my head. However I have had some great spontaneous meets on some of our later trips – Friar Tuck was one of my favourites because there was no one else around, and as it was a trip where walk around characters were few and far between, it was fantastically spontaneous. Pluto and Minnie were also pretty good ones and they’re two characters I’ve had great photos with so for me that’s a bonus.

What is your all time favourite show or parade?

I’m splitting this up and saying both because I can’t do the either, or.

Show – Disney Dreams! It’s so magical, and also musically and visually stunning. I was also a big fan of Legend of the Lion King and I’m still really sad it’s gone.

Parades – Once Upon A Dream Parade with Just Like We Dreamed It as the soundtrack. I thought the floats for this parade were really well thought out and I loved everything about it.

What is the best attraction at the Walt Disney Studios?

Well most of the time you’d probably find me in the Art of Animation building as I’m fascinated by all the original animation techniques and Disney history, and what it takes to make an animated classic. However I am also a huge fan of Cinemagique, and I do also like Toy Story Playland. I’ll only go on the Slinky Dog Spin attraction but I think that area is rather immersive and great to experience. Plus I am quite short in general so being in there amongst all the huge scenery really does make me feel tiny. It is also now my sister’s favourite area in the Studios and it gives us a reason to go there and enjoy time as a family in that park.

What has been your worst moment in Disney?

We’ve not really had any moments that can be described as ‘worst moments’. There was one moment on our last trip in 2012 when a cast member at Thunder Mountain told my sister – who’s profoundly Deaf, and at this holiday legally an adult – that she couldn’t go on by herself  (my father and I were at Versailles, and my mother had health problems that trip)  and she got really worked up. I don’t know how flexible DLP are with one of us needing to accompany her onto certain attractions for safety reasons but later on in the day she went on Space Mountain via the disabled entrance, and on her own, with no problem whatsoever. Whether it was because Thunder Mountain had been having mechanical difficulties for our entire stay, or that particular cast member was not Deaf aware, I don’t know. When I think back over this it seems more unfortunate than anything else.

What is your best moment in Disney?

My best moment? Yikes. That’s a rather loaded question. I think that nothing can top that first feeling of walking under the Disneyland Hotel, going onto Main Street USA for the first time and being completely swept up in all the magic and wonder a Disney park has to hold. I remember seeing this sight of the castle with the Wishes logo and thinking that I’m in the best place on earth.

That is all from me right now. I’m leaving this tag open for anyone to do!

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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