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So, am I going to talk about myself and Disney again? Yes, yes I am. I was flicking through a tag on Twitter when I stumbled across the blog Mandy Jean World and a tag conveniently called 20 Facts About My Disney Life. As I have just started this blog I thought participating in this tag – though I wasn’t tagged by anyone – would be a great addition to my inaugural post. It is designed to help us understand what Disney means to us and how we’ve responded to it. So without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Disneyland Paris and I share the exact same birthday – 12/04/1992. I did not know this until I spotted the plaque on Main Street USA during my first or second trip, and I’m not going to deny that I was rather giddy by that. My mother still doesn’t believe me but I have photographic evidence:


2. Beauty and the Beast was the film I would watch on repeat as a child. So much so I broke my vhs and it had to be replaced. To this day it is still my all-time favourite Disney film.

3. Belle is conveniently my favourite Disney princess and the character I relate to the most. We both love books, and don’t like conforming to society’s restraints.

4. Staying on the topic of Beauty and the Beast, at primary school I remember my class once singing the title track in music and I was the only person who would sing the entire song. Everyone else, especially the boys, felt too embarrassed to sing the line ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ They all stared at me because they thought I was strange.

5. I love collecting the pin but I’ve never gone to a pin trading event or actually traded them with other people. Although I did send a couple over to Amy at Scariel’s Grotto when the Disney Store screwed up an order and sent more pins than I’d actually ordered and paid for. I haven’t bought any in a while though because it is an expensive interest!

6. I have 4 Disney books so far:

  • Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality
  • Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams
  • The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom and beyond
  • Disney During WWII

The latter was an impulse purchase but I think it’s one of the most interesting out of all four books.

7. I listen to Disney music in English, French, and Spanish. I started doing this in my first year of university as a way of helping me with my languages, but it became an obsession when I was preparing to live in France for 8 months.

8. My current favourite song in French is ‘Vers le Ciel’ (Touch the Sky) from Pixar’s Brave. I even prefer it over the English.

9. The first Disney shows I ever saw were the Disney on Ice productions whenever they came to Manchester. I saw a few but the only one I can remember was Snow White because the Evil Queen terrified me. I’ve had every intention of going to see a West End or touring Disney show but the tickets have always been a bit too expensive.

10. One of the last stage shows I saw at Disneyland Paris was the Legend of the Lion King and it will always be one of my favourites. I’m still really sad it’s gone.

11. My favourite and most ridden attraction in DLP has to be Big Thunder Mountain. Although my sister and I hardly rode it at all on out last trip back in 2012 because it had technical problems for the entire holiday. 😦

12. The only E-Ticket attraction in the main park that I haven’t experienced is Phantom Manor.

13. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to rollercoasters so I don’t like Space Mountain, and you will never ever catch me riding Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster in the Studios.

14. I do have every intention of visiting both Disneyland and Disney World one day. It will also preferably be in that order.

15. I’m fascinated by Disney history and all the old traditional hand-drawn animation techniques so if I’m ever in the Studios park, you will most likely find me in the Art of Animation building.

16. I’m really hit and miss when it comes to the villains. I tend to prefer those that are more comical such as Madam Mim, Cruella, Edgar etc..

17. I could never watch Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid as a child because both Maleficent and Ursula terrified me.

18. Nearly all of my old PC games were Disney. I don’t remember doing this but my dad told me a few months ago that whenever I played my Winnie the Pooh disc, I would always be singing along to ‘Hundred Acre Wood’.

19. I think the first ever Disney/Pixar film I saw in cinemas was Toy Story 2. In fact I think Pixar films were the only Disney films I saw in cinemas as a child.

20. I’ve always loved Disney but the spark truly ignited when I was about 16. I began listening to Disney podcasts, blogging for the first time, learning about Walt Disney and the American parks, and taking more of an interest in what goes on behind the scenes.

So that’s it. I did actually find it hard to narrow all these down to 20 so maybe down the line I will do a follow up to this. Who knows?

Do you have any interesting Disney-related facts?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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